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Nice PS224 24Vdc battery backup for barriers

Product Code: PS224

Nice Battery backup pack for use with barrier systems, the pack stores energy while the automation system is powered by the mains, upon a power outage the battery pack kicks in and stores enough power for roughly ten manoeuvres. Depending on the automation being powered, the manoeuvre speed may be slower than it is when the automation system is being powered by the mains.

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Type: 24V battery backup kit, complete with battery charger, suitable for powering gate and door automation systems in the event of mains power failures.

Charge/discharge voltage: 28V at maximum charge, 16V at maximum discharge

Current: 15A nominal 20A per 0,5 seconds, on starting

Full recharge time 20 hours approx.

Dimensions / weight: 162 x 78 x 297 mm / 5500g