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Rolling Center Tracks - Use for Rolling Driveway Gate (12)

What are Sliding Tracks?

Sliding tracks are part of the hardware that’s used with sliding gates.

What is a Slide Gate?

A slide gate is a gate that is rolled from one side to the other to allow a vehicle or pedestrian to pass through. Sliding gates offer a practical, secure entryway to your property. What’s more, the sliding gate is not flexible and has wheels along the bottom of the gate, which sit on a track. The track provides a smooth surface that allows the gate wheels to roll back and forth to operate the gate easily.

Types of Sliding Tracks

There are three sliding tracks for sliding gates, including:

V-groove: these are used for sliding gates that have wheels that move along a track. The track can be embedded in the ground. These are called v-groove tracks because they're the same as a slightly raised, upside-down “V.” This track fits into a groove in the wheels and makes it easy for the fence to stay in place and move easily. One downside of this groove style is that it must be cleaned out regularly. Debris that builds up in the tracks can cause the gate to stop functioning correctly. These tracks are only available as a bolt-down option.

U-groove: the u-groove track is a great choice for inverted tracks. These tracks can reduce vibration, noise and provide a smooth operation of the gate. These are best for sliding gates.

O-groove: is shaped like an “O” and is best for tracks laid in concrete or bolted down.

About the Different Types Of Track

Bolt-down tracks are ideal when retrofitting installs, where the foundation can’t be removed or doing so is too expensive. There are concrete options that are ideal for brand new gate installations, which offer a more discrete finish.

Bolt-down tracks can take up to 500kg (1,102lbs) maximum gate weight and are ideally used as domestic gates only (for a home).

Concrete tracks can take up to 1,200kg (2,645.5lbs), or you can also choose the flush-lay concrete in track HEAVYZ3, which can take up to 3,000kg (6,613.8lbs). For the concrete in option, we also recommend taking the joint pin/fixing plate for aligning two tracks to help keep the gate level.

The corresponding wheels are also essential to check for weight ratings to determine how many are needed or what size. All are supplied in 3m lengths.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sliding gate track?

A sliding gate track is a type of hardware used to install automatic or manual sliding gates.

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