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Gate Remote Controls (26)

Our range of remote controls for automatic gates and garage door openers from Nice, Beninca and Came are a convenient way of opening your electric gate or garage door from the comfort and safety of your car.

We stock one, two and four button rolling code and dip switch transmitters that are easy to programme and are compatible with our range of electric gate kits. These Keyfobs can be used as replacements or additional remote controls for your electric gate or garage.

The Benefits of a Remote Control Nice

Sliding gates are a very popular option for homeowners, with many choosing automatic slide gates. These days, more homeowners are looking for high-tech solutions to make their lives easier and more convenient. What could be better than an automated slide gate with a remote control Nice?

You can experience all the benefits of a Nice remote control. These devices make manual gate opening a thing of the past. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with a remote control Nice.

1. Ease of Use & Convenience

Today, many things are automated in our lives, including sliding gates. Nothing is worse than having to get out of your car when it’s raining, snowing, or extremely hot or cold. Instead, you can easily manage the gate right from the convenience of your car.

With a remote control Nice, you can also save time on those busy mornings when you and your loved ones are heading off to work and school. In addition, even those who are disabled or elderly can easily manage the gate with a remote. And when your hands are full, opening and closing the gate is a breeze!

2. Additional Security

Adding a remote to a sliding gate also increases the overall security of your property. For one thing, you never have to worry about being attacked outside your gate. An automatic slide gate means you can control the gate directly from your car, where you’re more secure.

With a remote control Nice, you can also combine other types of security, such as security cameras and other security measures.

3. Increase Property Value

If you decide to sell your home, a remote control Nice also increases your property value. A sliding gate that’s automatic and managed with a remote control Nice means anyone who buys your home will enjoy the same benefits of ease of use, security, and more.

Remote Control Nice Transmitters & Remotes

There are different remote control Nice transmitters and remotes to choose from:

Bi-directional remote: has an automation status button. The light that flashes on the remote corresponds to whether the gate is open or closed, or partially open. It’s possible to have up to 750 remotes on one bi-directional receiver. These devices have a 35m range inside the building to the receiver. These remotes can also be cloned to programme one to another.

Long-range bi-directional: these are the same as above but have a 100m range inside a building to the receiver.

Era One: is supplied as standard in all automation kits. This remote control Nice can come with 1, 2, 4, and 9 button remotes. These devices have a 35m range inside a building to the receiver.

Flor: this remote has a rolling code. It cannot be cloned, which increases the security feature of this remote control Nice. This remote has a 30m range inside a building to the receiver, with 1, 2, 4 button remotes.

Inti: is a slimline remote available in six different colours. This remote control Nice can be purchased as part of a kit with a standalone receiver. It’s only available as 1 or 2 buttons, with a 30m range inside a building to the receiver.