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Articulated Gate Kits (5)

Articulating Gate Arm

Articulating gate arm openers are used to open and close single or double-swing electric gates. They’re perfect to use on wide or deep pillars and are relatively easy to install.

This type of automation is made up of a housing that contains a motor and in some cases a control panel. the housing will usually have an arm coming from the bottom of it and then is connected to a second arm through a link pin and then the second arm is connected to the gate.

When the motor is given a command it moves the jointed arm, pulling the gate open or pushing it closed.

Articulated gate arm kits contain a gate automation motor, control panel, remote controls, receiver, and safety photocells.

What are the Benefits of Articulating Gate Arm Automation?

There are many options to choose from when you’re searching for gate automation solutions. These alternatives differ in many ways, and there may be more than one solution, depending on the type of gate you have. What is sure is that articulated arm gate automation comes with a variety of benefits.

1. Strong Mechanism

An articulated arm may seem large when compared with other options; however, these gate automation systems are very reliable. These are some of the most dependable gate-opening systems due to their simple design. They’re also one of the fastest gate automation systems on the market.

2. Simple Installation

Articulating gate arm automation kits are also pretty easy to install. That’s due to the simplicity of the system’s mechanism. Installation, however, should only be done by a professional. The kit’s simplicity does reduce the time needed to set it up.

3. Easy Maintenance

Here, again, the articulating gate arm system’s simple design makes it a great choice. These automation systems are simple and more straightforward compared to other gate-opening systems. The system is external instead of underground, which means that if the motor does have a problem, it’s not necessary to take everything apart to get it running again.

This very simplicity makes the articulated gate arm automation systems popular with homeowners and businesses.

4. Versatility

One of the main reasons that articulated arms are fitted over other automation is that it provides a solution were other swing gate motors cannot.

Due to the 2 arm design this will allow it to be retro fitted on existing gates that are installed on large pillars, standard motors will only allow a distance between the back of the pillar to the gate at around 200mm an articulated are can achieve around 400mm.

5. Affordability

Articulated arm automation systems are also an affordable solution for gates. Prices do vary, depending on the specific kits and the needs of the gate. However, these systems are usually a cost-effective option, especially compared to underground systems.

As you can see, articulated gate arm kits are a great solution and are highly recommended for being a cost-effective, easy-to-install gate automation solution for almost any gate system.

Let us know if you have any questions about any of the articulating gate arm kits that we offer. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!