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Gate Control Panels (8)

Electronic control panels for electric gate systems can be operated from most access control systems with a simple volt free contact.

The control panel relays the command to give send the message to the receive to the motors to operate.

The multi-function display Nice O-view is connected directly to the compatible control unit via a BUS T4 cable, enabling access to all control unit parameters to adapt the system to all needs.

More Information about Gate Control Panels

A gate control panel is required for all gate automation and motors. They’re used for the initial setup and to adjust any parameters, such as automatic closing, speed of motors, and more. Control panels for both swing and sliding gates can be purchased separately. With swing gate control panels you can also purchase a transformer and enclosure with the control panels. Sliding gate control panels are built into the motor but can be removed and replaced if required.

Programming the gate control panel is done via the buttons, though some manufacturer brands have an LCD screen to show that the settings have been set/altered. Others use flashing lights on the terminals in sequences to show this information.

The manufacturer NICE has an O-View plug-in controller to programme and set up. Some can have a built-in receiver for the remote transmitters, while others require a plug-in version.

It is essential that each control panel is sealed correctly in the enclosure or housing. No holes or gaps should be left, as these can allow spiders, slugs, or water to enter. This can damage the control panels and void their warranties.

We recommend using low voltage systems over 230v systems, though low voltage is safer using built-in safety devices such as encoders. 230 v is more universal, as more manufacturers and brands can work with one another.

Our automatic gate control panels are rugged and made to work in the most extreme temperature and weather events. In addition, our selection of control panels has been designed and built with top-of-the-line electrical components placed within durable cases that will last for years.

Our range of automatic gate control panels is compatible with swing and sliding gate systems and more.