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The new Nice Home DIY Gate Kits manufactured by Nice have been developed specifically for domestic gates so that you can install your gate automation yourself without the need to hire an electrician or professional installer.

As the industry leading Gate Automation manufacturers, Nice have used their expertise in R&D to develop an innovative range of DIY kits for domestic installations which maintain the industrial strength of comparable motors whilst employing easy to use, low voltage electronics and intelligent programming for easy installation.

You can rely on Nice to manufacture products to the highest standards and as assurance of this all Nice Home DIY electric gates come with a 3 year warranty.

The Nice Home range includes kits for gates of a variety weights and sizes. You can choose from above ground and underground electric swing gate kits as well as sliding gate kits.

What Makes Up An Electric Gate Kit

Automatic electric gates are becoming more popular. Not only do they add curb appeal to your property, but electric gates also increase security and prevent unauthorised access to your home. Electric gates are also handy for keeping your children and pets safe in the garden.

There’s no question that electric gates bring many benefits; however, it’s essential to choose the right electric gate kit for your property. But how do you make sure you’ve chosen the right one?

There are some factors you’ll need to consider before investing in an electric gate kit.

1. Why Do You Want Electric Gates?

Understanding why you want a gate will also determine how they will be used, who needs to access through them, and more.

For instance, do you want to increase security at your home? Or would you like to enhance your home’s privacy? Answers to questions like these inform the type of gates that’ll work best for you. For example, 2 of the most common types of gates for adding privacy and security to your property are steel framed gates with composite wood infill or aluminium Gates, due to aluminium being a lightweight and durable metal they provide a reasonably priced gate that is easily maintained. All the above types of gates can be installed with automation

2. The electric gate kit type

One of the biggest choices that you will need to consider is how the gate will open. It is imperative to choose the right gate for your available space. Below are 4 of our most popular gate types:

Swing Gates: You can have swing gates working in a double or single leaf configuration. You will need to ensure that the space behind the gates is equal to the length of each gate leaf. Above and below ground options are available for automation.

Bi-Fold Gates: If you require a swing gate but are struggling for room on the inside, a bi-folding gate may be the answer. Folding in half in the middle as they open, this halves the space required behind the swing gate. We would recommend underground automation for this electric gate kit type. If you are looking for above ground, please contact our technical support.

Sliding Gates: A traditional track sliding gate requires a track to either be concreted in or bolted down to the ground. The gate then runs on top of it. With sliding gates, it is vitally important that the ground is level - any slight variation in the ground height across the span of the gate can create a safety risk.

Cantilever Gates: If you are wanting a sliding gate but your ground is not level then a cantilever gate is the answer. The track of the cantilever is mounted to the underside of the gate and is then suspended by 2 carriages, removing the need for a track in the ground. You will need the gate to be around 30% bigger than the size of the opening. If you are interested in a cantilever gate (electric), please feel free to get in touch with one of our staff to help you with the calculations.

3. Access Control System

Next, it’s important to consider what type of access control system will be needed for the electric gate. The access control system is the mechanism that determines how the gates will open. There are several different systems to consider.

Each DIY Automation kit comes with 2 radio transmitters, however additional elements can be added such as intercoms, proximity readers, GSM Dial, open module pulse and many more. We would recommend visiting our access control page to find out more information

Why buy electric gate kit from Rolling Center?

  • Excellent pre-sale and post-sale technical advice from gate kit specialists, including safety compliancy.
  • Flexibility. We supply electric gate kits to suit all needs. From above ground kits, to swing gate kits, sliding, DIY gate kits, high speed and more.
  • Competitive prices. We’re a leading supplier of affordable electric gate kits for both public and trade throughout the UK.
  • Wide range of access control products such as intercoms, keypads and buttons for your electric gates.

Looking for swing or sliding electric gates? Browse all types of electric gate kits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you install DIY gate kits yourself?

Our DIY gate kits come with instructions, however it is recommended that you get a professional to install them safely, so they can consider things such as the surrounding area. Alternatively, Rolling Center customers can get free support from our expert technical team.

Does a gate add value?

Your DIY gate kit can add an additional 5% to the property value, dependent on the area the property is located in.

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