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Roger Technology transmitters (2)

Roger Technology is a company that specialises in manufacturing automation and access control systems, including transmitters and receivers for gates and doors. They offer a range of products designed to provide secure and convenient access control solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Roger Technology transmitters are typically used to remotely control gate and door operators. These transmitters are wireless devices that send signals to the corresponding receiver, which then activates the motor or mechanism responsible for opening or closing the gate or door.

At the Rolling centre we have both the E80/TX52R/2 2 Button Transmitter and Synus/2 2 button transmitter. The transmitters are known for their reliability and security features, helping property owners and businesses ensure the safety and convenience of their access control systems.

Why choose Rolling Center?

Years of Proficiency: Boasting more than four decades of industry knowledge, we stand out in the provision and installation of doors and gates, for residential and commercial properties.

Skilled Advice: You can speak to one of our specialists that can help you choose the right transmitter for your specific needs and to ensure compatibility with your gate or door automation system.

Affordable Rates: Being a top-tier supplier, we present cost-effective solutions, from top brands and industry leaders.

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