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Rolling Center Support Wheels (13)

Gate Support Wheel

A gate support wheel is an essential piece of equipment for cantilever gate systems. The wheels support any cantilever sliding gate whatever the size. They also prevent gates from dragging, sagging, and causing damage to your driveway or yard.

Not only that, but a gate support wheel also works to absorb shocks from bumps and holes in the surface of the driveway, offering smoothing functioning of the gate.

What are Cantilever Gates?

Cantilever gates are a type of sliding gate that uses a “cantilever” system. This system holds the gate above the ground, using gate posts for support. The gate itself doesn’t touch the ground. However, the gate may use a gate support wheel and track to ensure the gate moves safely across the ground.

This type of gate is best for uneven ground or surfaces, such as gravel, steep surfaces, or angled surfaces. The gates are also easier to use all year round, and they’re able to deal with harsh weather conditions.

Cantilever gates don’t rely on ground wheels. Instead, these gates use track wheels that are made of metal.

Gate Wheel Support

Each cantilever gate wheel support is designed as a part of a kit range, so it matches the internal dimensions of the corresponding track. In addition, each wheel comes with an end plate, and two rubber stops built on. This inserts into the end of the gate track and is designed to run freely across the ground. This helps support the gate when it’s fully open or closed and ensures the gate slides into the meeting point.

Fitting a gate support wheel and meeting points extends the lifespan of the gate hardware. There’s less stress on the carriages and bearings when the gate support wheel is fitted correctly.

How to Check the Quality of a Gate Support Wheel?

A high-quality gate wheel should have a smooth appearance and be evenly galvanised, without scratches or bumps. On the other hand, a poor-quality gate wheel usually has a poor finish, with scratches and more.

Next, if possible, it’s good to roll the gate wheel along the track and see how it rolls. Does the wheel roll smoothly along the track? Or do you notice bumps as it rolls?

For wheels that have brackets, it’s also important to check their quality, too. A poor-quality support wheel may have deformed brackets or not hold the wheel in the correct position.

If you don’t find any issues with the gate support wheel, then you’ve probably found a high-quality product. However, it’s still essential to buy from a high-quality supplier and choose a gate wheel made of the best material. Choosing a poor quality support gate wheel usually results in lower durability and length of life.

If you have any questions about which support gate wheel is suitable for your gate, please contact us today. We’re always happy to answer your questions and help you find the right support gate wheel for your cantilever gate.

Choosing the right support gate wheel ensures your gate has the right support, so it doesn’t drag or sag. The right support gate wheel also helps your gate last longer!