GSM Intercoms (43)

A GSM intercom is a wireless system that uses mobile phone technology. It allows you to speak to visitors to your property and allow them access even if you are out. The visitor presses the button at the gate and a call is then made to a landline phone or a mobile phone (the intercom can be linked to several phones in case it is not possible to answer it). The receiver of the call can then press a button to allow access through the gate. GSM intercoms use mobile phone technology. When a person presses the intercom, a call will be made to the occupant’s phone rather than a fixed handset meaning that the intercom can be answered wherever the occupant is. This provides greater security as it always appears like someone is in the property.

Using a GSM intercom offer increased security as visitors are not aware that you are not at the property. Installation of GSM intercoms is simple as the only wiring that is required is between the GSM unit and the gate automation. We can also supply bespoken intercom systems to suit all needs. Call us to discuss your requirements.