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Pedestrian Gate Kits (2)

Electric Gates with Pedestrian Access

Are you looking for a way to automate your pedestrian gate? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our electric gates with pedestrian access offer your home or business more than just a beautiful gate.

What is a Pedestrian Gate?

A pedestrian gate is designed to let people who are walking pass through the gate. The gates are narrow, so vehicles are not able to pass through.

The gates add another layer of security and safety to your home or business. They protect you from unwanted solicitation, burglars, and more.

Some pedestrian gates are manual, while others are automated. With pedestrian gates fitted with automation, it’s not necessary to open or close the gate manually. With one simple command, it’s possible to open the gate.

Why Choose Nice Automation for Your Pedestrian Gate?

Nice has been concerned with the value of style from the beginning. Their products have always stood out due to their high aesthetic quality.

The company’s R&D division is staffed by a highly specialised international team who are always at work developing innovative products. Each product goes through rigorous, accurate testing using advanced technology and the latest instruments. These guarantee the highest technological and quality standards for each product.

In addition, Nice cares for the environment. They use environmentally-friendly materials and develop products that run on solar energy, and offer solutions that simplify the control of light and heat. They aim to improve the quality of life for their customers and ensure their products are sustainable.

Nice Walky Gate Kits

Our electric gates with pedestrian access make use of Nice Walky Gate Kits. These gate kits are ideal for pedestrian gates and are recommended for small posts. The kits feature irreversible motors and anti-shear arms, with built-in mechanical stops on closure.

The articulated arms enable installation in specific conditions, such as in the presence of small walls or obstacles adjacent to the post.

In addition, the gate kits open quickly, within 7 seconds to open and close. Pedestrians don’t have to wait long at the gate and can easily walk through without any issues.

Our Nice Walky gate kits for our electric gates with pedestrian access also feature the following with the built-in control unit:

· Simple programming

· Self-learning of opening and closing limit positions

· Automatic fault diagnostics

· Programming of pause time

· Pedestrian pass door

· Deceleration on opening and closing

· Provision of connection for the latest generation of resistive sensitive edges

· No blackout: the gate will function in the event of a power failure due to the optional batteries (PS424) housed inside the motor

As you can see, our electric gates with pedestrian access Nice Walky gate kits offer a high-quality gate opening mechanism. These gate automation kits are ideal for wood or PVC pedestrian gates, and they can be operated in a blackout (if you purchase the batteries).

The gate arms also include a built-in stop on closure, and they’re able to open or close within 7 seconds. They also feature a rapid motor release for manual operation of the gate in the event of a power failure. So you won’t have to worry that your family will be locked in or out during a blackout.

Nice goes the extra mile to ensure these products are environmentally friendly and they are built to last.