Rolling Center have over 40 year’ experience in the gate and door industry as a global operation Rolling Center S.p.A. in Treviso, Italy and offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of gate hardware solutions for swing and sliding gates and sliding and folding doors available.  

Rolling Center are leaders in innovation and development of quality, reliable cantilever systems and have led the growth of the cantilever equipment market. 

Ever responsive to the demands of the gate industry and professional installer their vast range has expanded year on year since their inception such that the 2018 catalogue now runs to over 215 pages and over 1000 individual products.  Specialists in sliding gate systems, Rolling Center have eight surface mounted or concrete in ground tracks available alone with a truly vast range of wheels in all styles capable of carrying sliding gates up to 3500kg.  The range of accessories for cantilevered sliding gates runs to eleven systems for domestic gates from 250kg over a 3.5m clear opening all the way up to a massive 4500kg over 30m clear opening spans.  For swing gates there are over 150 hinges alone, again from lightweight barrel hinges through to bearing weld on hinges carrying 680kg each, all the way up to tapered bearing floor hinges taking a 3000kg load.