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Drop Bolts (18)

High quality, durable gate drop bolts for all gate requirements. Browse our range of lockable drop bolts from the top manufacturers. Get fast delivery on Locinox drop bolts.

What is a gate drop bolt?

The gate drop bolt is another piece of hardware that can be installed to improve to durability and longevity of a gate installation. The gate drop bolt is used with a ground stop to secure both sides of the gate to the ground. They improve the safety and operation of the gate as well as improve the security of your property.

Drop bolts are available in various types, including:

  • Motorised electric gate drop bolts
  • Manual aluminium gate drop bolts
  • Concealed drop bolts
  • Manual drop bolts with a hot dip galvanised bolt
  • Lockable drop bolt
  • And more

Each type of drop bolt has its own benefits, including:

  • Drop bolts can be vandal-proof
  • Manual drop bolts are recommended with manual gates and can also be key locked for added security
  • Motorised Electric drop bolts can integrate with most automation dropping the bolt only when the gate is fully closed
  • Concealed drop bolts are designed not to be lifted when the swing gates are closed for extra security.
  • Include a mechanical release (for motorised, electrical bolt drops)
  • Obstacle detection
  • Use a very low amount of electricity
  • Electric drop bolts need a power supply and can be integrated with automation kits

Gate drop bolts secure the gate and help protect it from strong winds. What’s more, they are generally easy and fast to install. Browse our range of drop bolts today.