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Safety Photocells (21)

Our range of safety photocells for automatic gates and barriers are an essential safety product that can stop the opening or closing of the gate by detecting movement within its range. Photocells are an easy to install set of infrared light beams that go across the entrance from transmitter to receiver and if this beam is broken by someone or something stopping the receiver the gate will not shut. All of our electric gate kits include one set of photocells. However these should never be used as the sole safety protection.

We recommend conducting a full risk assessment of the installation to highlight any potential areas for crushing, trapping or shearing. We recommend as a minimum using more than one set of photocells and safety edges. Additional sets of photocells will cover different area so could prevent the gates closing when you are approaching the gate from a different side. This is particularly the case with swing gates as they have a wider opening range and the photocells have a larger area to cover. The bluebus systems are compatible with up to 8 sets of photocells.