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Video Intercoms (67)

Intercom with Video

Intercom with video systems can add another layer of protection to your business or home. These systems include both audio and a video camera, so you can easily see whom you’re talking with. This is an advanced system that supports communication between you and your visitors.

How do Intercom with Video Systems Work?

A video intercom system can be installed at any entry point. When a visitor comes to the entryway, you receive an alert that lets you know a visitor is waiting for entry. You can talk with them to see if you need more information about their visit and see if you recognise them. If you determine entry is warranted, open the door or gate and allow them in through a door or gate release, which unlocks to allow access.

Each intercom comes with a built-in camera module and some of the models in our intercom range have an event log to record when entry has been given. This can be useful for determining potential security breaches or for conducting an audit afterward.

Intercom systems that have video capability are the right choice when audio isn’t enough to recognise who visitors are. It also allows you to determine if there’s more than one person at the entry point.

You can choose between wireless and wired intercom with video systems, too.

How to Choose an Intercom with Video System

If you’re new to video intercom systems, the variety of systems available can be overwhelming. So, how can you find the right video intercom system for your home or business?

Here are some features to consider that can help you choose the right system!

Internet connectivity: some video intercom systems can integrate with your WiFi or IP system, along with other Internet-of-Things devices. Through internet connectivity other devices such as phones and tablets can access the intercom App to view who is at the entry.

Remote access: this can offer another layer of security, and some systems allow you to remotely offer access through a smartphone or tablet.

Video calling: a video intercom system that includes integrated cameras make communication more effective when it comes to identifying visitors.

Maintenance: all intercom systems require some maintenance. Regular maintenance ensures the system is up and running correctly when you need it. Technicians can review the system’s performance, clean cameras, and more.

Maintain standards for insurance: insurance providers may offer discounts based on the level of security offered by the intercom system with video you’ve chosen. Keeping your system running correctly can mean the difference between not having the camera working or it recording criminal activity the insurer needs.

Rolling Center Intercom with Video Systems

We offer a wide range of intercom with video systems to choose from. We have wired and wireless systems, along with 2 wire IP and multi-wire options available.

When choosing a wired intercom with a video system, it’s essential to consider cable lengths and types to determine which is the right choice for the application. Most video intercoms go straight to a videophone or monitor inside the property; however, there are a few options that may go to a mobile phone if needed.

In addition, there are multiple sizes available for internal monitors, ranging from videophones with a 3.5-inch screen to a 7-inch hands-free monitor. In some models, the video can be made available in vandal-resistant panel finishes for increased security.

If you’d like to learn more about our intercom with video systems, contact us today! We’re always happy to answer your questions and make expert recommendations on the right intercom with a video system for your commercial or residential property.