Video Intercoms (92)

Installing a video intercom kit has become increasingly popular in commercial and residential properties with many customers requiring an intercom to be fitted to complement their electric gates and increase safety. We stock video intercoms from leading manufacturers including Videx video intercoms, Comelit, AES, CDVI and Daitem. Video intercoms for gates are a safe and secure way of controlling access to your property. Video intercoms are available for single dwelling or for multiple entrance properties. Our range includes the new Videx 2 wire video systems which are easier to install and expandable up to 8 entrances.

We also stock wireless video wifi intercoms which are ideal for when the entrance is a long way from the building. Features such as timed privacy, intercommunication between phones, door release and hands-free speech are available on many of these intercom kits. All video intercoms are available with or without keypad and in a variety of finishes such as flush or surface mounted. We can also supply bespoke intercom systems to suit all needs. Call us to discuss your requirements.