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Gate Closers - Auto Gate Closer (37)

Gate Closers

Gate closers are pieces of hardware that attach to a gate and its frame. When the gate opens, the gate closer works to close on its own. These are deceptive pieces of hardware that seem very simple; however, the reality is that gate closers are one of the most complex hardware types to deal with.

An auto gate closer ensure a gate can close completely, and it keeps anyone from slamming the gate shut. Each gate closer includes a spring, hydraulic or gas mechanism that controls the closing of the gate. The mechanisms work to close the gate at a constant, controlled speed. This ensures the gate, hinges, lock, or latch are not damaged, and no one is injured by the gate.

Gate closers are also a great way to improve the security of your property with today’s security and safety issues.

Rolling Center Gate Closers

Our gate closers can be fitted to new or existing gates in most cases without having to change the gate hinges or mounting an expensive underground closing device. They’re made to a high standard to increase security and ease of use.

When you purchase a gate closer from Rolling Center, you can rest assured that our gates will close smoothly, safely, and quietly after each use. We offer an extensive range of hydraulic and gas powered gate closers that are sure to fit your gate size and type. Our gate closers are the ideal choice for both pedestrian gates and domestic use.

Locinox Gate Closers

We also feature popular Locinox gate closers. These use a hydraulic function that works the same throughout the year, even during dramatic weather changes and conditions. The closing speed and force are also adjustable on these gate closers.

The Locinox gate closer doesn’t slam; instead, it closes slowly and quietly. These gate closers are ideal for electric and magnetic lock applications and other latching devices.

In addition, our gate closers are available in weight ratings from 80 kg capacity to 150 kg. For anything above this weight, we strongly recommend using an automated system.

Considerations for Choosing a Gate Closer

When choosing a gate closer, there are some things to consider, including:


Weight is an important factor when looking for the right gate closer, along with the gate’s weight. The gate closer is dependent on the gate’s height and width.

Mounting Positions

Each gate closer has a different mounting position, which must be considered before buying one. For instance, some gate closers are mounted vertically, horizontally, directly to the wall, adjacent to the wall, post-mounted, and internally mounted on the gate.

In addition, some gate closers come with additional hinges for the bottom of the gate (such as the Locinox Mammoth gate closer, which comes with a dino hinge for the bottom of the gate).

Shell Covers

Gate closer shell covers can also be aesthetically pleasing. They come in a range of colours, including black or silver. And aluminium shell covers can also be added for extra protection.

If you’d like to learn more about our many gate closers, contact us today! We’re always happy to answer your questions and make expert recommendations on the type of gate closer that’s best for your gate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an automatic gate closer?

An automatic gate closer works is a self-closing mechanism, which closes the gate at a slow, controlled speed in order to improve gate safety.

Where can I buy a Locinox gate closer?

Rolling Center UK supplies a wide range of Locinox hydraulic gate closers, ideal for both residential and commercial properties. Get the best price on Locinox gate closers by browsing the selection above.

Can I install a gate closer myself?

Yes, electric gate closers are generally easy to install at home. We have various manuals available or free phone support for anyone looking to install an electric gate closer safely at home.

Still need help? Please call on: 0113 201 6677 or contact us