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Proximity Kits (32)

Proximity access control kits are useful for gates and doors that have heavy footfall or traffic. They are often used in commercial or public sector environments. The proximity reader works with a control panel and either fobs or cards to allow people access. Proximity kits are seen to offer more security than keypads (link to keypads) where the code can be given out.

Gate proximity kit readers are a popular choice for many types of access control systems. The proximity reader is the first security measure people may find when trying to enter a property through a gate. In order to gain entry with a proximity reader, the user needs to have an authorised proximity card or fob with them.

Proximity cards and readers use RFID (radio frequency identification) to communicate wirelessly, with authorization encoded in the cards.

Proximity readers are a great option for commercial property entry, though they can also be used with residential properties.

What are the Benefits of Proximity Card Readers for Access Control?

The systems are fairly easy to install with proximity kits. The card/fob reader technology has been around for decades, and people are familiar with how to use them. Most people require little training, and it doesn’t take long to get the system up and running.

The system can also provide contactless access. The fobs or cards don’t need to be inserted or swiped into a device to work. The fob or card has a metallic antenna coil embedded inside that holds the encoded data.

The proximity card reader uses an electromagnetic field to detect nearby cards/fobs and transmit data through the reader to the access control panel. If the card/fob is authorised, the control panel sends a signal back to the reader to trigger the gate to unlock.

In addition, some kinds of access control software and proximity card systems can offer trackable entry and data analytics for the property.

There’s no question that proximity access control systems offer more control over who enters your property and when. This ensures that your property, people, and assets are secure, even if providing temporary access to visitors.

Systems can also be used to track who enters or exits the gate at a particular time. In addition, the system can be used with time & attendance software to provide an audit of who enters and when.

Is a Proximity Card Reader System Right for You?

Proximity card readers are a great choice for commercial spaces that require contactless access control. The proximity reader system makes it possible to secure office spaces, lobby turnstiles, and more.

Before deciding on a system, consider what is most important to your property’s security.

Gate Proximity Kits

Gate proximity kits can be integrated with most locks and automation to provide a form of access, either for a door or a gate. Management can be done via web portals, software, management proximity cards and GSM.

Remote management is also available with selected brands, resulting in less time on site, no visit needed, and instant access to any faults to rectify any issues.

The kits are adaptable to small- or large-scale operations and can accommodate 10 users with proximity tags or flats with multiple occupants of up to 500 people. Cards or tags are available for access.

Gate proximity kits are easy to install and provide the security your property requires. Be sure to reach out with any questions you may have about our gate proximity kits. We’re always happy to help answer your questions about our products and services.