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Borg Locks are the market leaders in innovative design and manufacturing of high-quality mechanical push button access controls. The company has been developing and distributing its own range of locks since 1997.

The company has its own manufacturing facility, where Borg is in full control of the quality of its locks. Their products are built to a consistent standard combined with British engineering. This combination has put Borg at the top of the mechanical lock market. They’ve established an excellent market reputation around the world for the high standards used to design and manufacture their locks.

Borg goes the extra mile to ensure its high-quality standards are maintained to the highest level. The business has developed its own cycle testing equipment, which they regularly use to test its locks. In addition, the company also places a high emphasis on the functionality and performance of its locks. Combined with innovative designs, Borg Locks look to create unique models and supply products that suit a wide range of applications. Each Borg lock comes with a 12-month performance guarantee, so customers can rest assured that they’re buying a quality lock.

In addition, the company goes even further to assure its customers they’re buying an actual Borg Lock. Each product is engraved with the Borg Locks brand, and Borg also has a tamper-resistant holographic label on each lock.

Borg Locks offers a wide range of locks and continues to develop new models to ensure its products meet today’s and tomorrow’s security needs. Borg Locks are the perfect choice for businesses and homes that require reliable, strong locks to protect their property.

The locks can be used in a wide range of applications, including timber doors and gates, steel, uPVC, aluminium, or composite materials.

Marine Grade Locks

One of the most popular Borg product ranges is its Marine Grade Locks. Marine-grade lock products are specially designed to withstand and work under the harshest weather conditions. These locks are spray tested for 1000 hours to ensure they meet Borg Lock’s stringent quality standards.

Marine-grade locks are made with increased UV protection, along with the highest-grade stainless steel for all internal mechanisms. This protects the mechanisms from corrosion and wear. The locks are designed to be used in all external conditions and can be fitted to a broad range of latches.

In addition, the locks offer four different handle styles with the pro models. You can choose from a thumb-turn knob device, a flat bar lever, a round bar lever handle, or a key override lever.

The Benefits of Borg Locks

Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy by choosing a Borg Lock product:

  • Each lock product has been specially designed to add a beautiful, modern touch to doors, gates, and more.

  • The company has its own manufacturing facility, where it controls the highest quality of its locks.

  • Borg Locks are one of the leading manufacturers of locks around the world.

  • The company offers a wide range of locks to fit many applications for businesses and homes.

  • You know you’re buying an official Borg Lock, not an imitation. Check for the company’s engraving and holographic handle to ensure you’re buying a real Borg Lock.

  • Borg Locks stands by its products, offering a 12-month guarantee on each of its products.

If you have any questions about Borg Locks, contact us today! We’re always happy to answer your questions and help you find the right lock for your home or business.