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The founding story of GateMaster is worth telling, so you’ll understand the company’s goal in creating gate locks. GateMaster was founded by Simon Napthine, a sales engineer in London during the 90s. He had regular contacts with metalworking companies, including gate manufacturers. Simon supplied these manufacturers with components for their machinery and soon realised they were missing one key component for their finished gates: an easy-to-fit gate lock.

With this clear vision, Simon developed the first prototype of the Signet 40 bolt-on lock. The lock was new and innovative, yet simple enough to get started with. The first clients who bought the gate lock soon realised how much easier it was compared to their regular cut-and-weld locks. Shortly after, Simon founded Signet Locks in 1995.

Simon started production from his garage in South London, with his wife and daughters as helpers. As the company grew, demand for its products also grew. The company collaborated directly with the gate manufacturers to develop the right hardware and receive their feedback on how to make the company’s hardware even better. Simon’s goal was to remove all possible problems and design products that get the job done, plain and simple.

From there, the manufacturing side of the company was renamed GateMaster, and here we are today!

Our GateMaster Products

At Rolling Center, we offer an extensive range of GateMaster products that cover any type of gate installation. The main function of the locks is to restrict access to a gate or door. When you consider the different types of gate locks, you notice there is a wide variety of gate locks from GateMaster:

  • Bolt-on (most popular & DIY-friendly)
  • Weld in (seamless, discreet finish, ideal for wrought iron, metal gates)
  • Digital (1- and 2-sided) enhanced for extra security
  • Mortice: recessed into the gate frame, slim, discreet finish for wrought iron gate, composite infill, and more.
  • Wooden gate locks: some work with keys, and others with codes.

Gate Closers: Hydraulic & Gas Strut

Our GateMaster hydraulic gate closers are a popular choice for both residential and commercial use. They are easy to install, and they can close your gate on their own as soon as you let go of it.

Three variants are available of the APS: weld-on or bolt-on, with a stop hinge (prevents movement beyond 90 degrees or damaging the closer). Weld-on with a standard hinge. Discreet application for mounting underneath the gate frame, which prevents any vandalisation or change to the gate finish. Up to 150kg weight, ideal for playgrounds and school gates, as you can adjust the gate closing speed.

The gas strut is perfect for residential use and smaller gates. It has less weight capacity than the hydraulic version, and it’s easy to keep your gate closed and simple to fit the gas strut to any existing or new gate.

Accessories include manual drop bolts, shrouds, safety retainers, and security collars.

You can count on GateMaster to create simple, robust, and fit-for-purpose gate locks. There’s nothing fancy about their products—they’re just good, solid products!