Locinox develops and manufactures fittings for fencing and gates. Their vision is for every high-quality fence to have a gate with at least one Locinox component fitted in it.

Our expertise is with hardware for outdoors and although the outdoor market may be relatively niche, their aim is to be the very best at it internationally.


Locinox locks are the guarantee for a well operating gate. Every lock is tested excessively by undergoing a prolonged exposure to the most extreme circumstances. This ensures us that Locinox locks will work in all weather conditions. We offer a variety of locks for garden gates as well as industrial gates.

Gate Closers

Locinox gate closers work on the principle of a mechanical spring with a patented oil damping. Thanks to this oil damping the functioning of the gate closer will be the same through the year and during changing weather conditions. Closing speed and closing force are both adjustable and our gate closers can have a snap-close if you wish.


No lock can work without a keep. Locinox has a wide range of keeps for sliding, swing or garden gates. An impact test at their facility ensures that Locinox keeps can handle every blow they receive and that the keep meets the strict Locinox standard.


Hinges carry the whole weight of the gate and ensure that it smoothly opens and closes. Because of this heavy task, Locinox hinges are hot-dip galvanized or made of stainless steel. Thanks to this wide range they can offer a solution for every situation. Top of the line is the patented 4D hinge. This hinge is adjustable in 4 dimensions (height/depth/alignment/left or right turning). You never have to keep a separate stock of left or right turning gates again.

Drop Bolts & Ground Catches

The Locinox range of dropbolts and ground stops offers a wide array of solutions. From the economical VSF dropbolt to our internal dropbolt, SUBY, which is in means of ease of use and aesthetics, the top of the line.

Gate Catches

Gate catchers hold your gate open without inflicting any damage. They are adjustable in height to fit your gate and the used profiles. The gate catchers are made up of aluminium or hot-dip galvanized steel.

Locinox Gate Locks

A gate lock is an essential piece of hardware that improves the security of your property. They work to provide an extra layer of security to keep criminals out and increase the security of your home or business.

There is a wide range of gate locks on the market, but at Roller Center, we offer Locinox gate locks. Locinox offers a broad range of gate locks tested to a high standard, with thorough testing of 500k cycles, in both high and cold temperatures. Locinox gate locks include a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, and spare replacement parts are available if needed.

What’s more, gate locks can be chosen based on whether you prefer an ornamental design or one that’s more industrial, depending on your property. And you can choose between small and large gate locks, so you’re sure to find a lock that properly fits your gate. Our gate locks also come in a range of affordable prices.

We offer a variety of Locinox gate locks, from gardens to industrial gates and everything in between.

Locinox Gate Locks Range

Our Locinox gate locks range includes locks, keeps, and surface or insert locks. Insert locks are installed in the gate frame, while surface locks are bolted to the gate frame, where part of the infill may need to be removed to fit. No matter what type of gate you have, we offer a gate latch that fits and is affordably priced.

We also offer various sizes to suit gate frames from 10 mm to 80 mm. And you’ll find industrial and ornamental finishes available for the locks and handles. We also offer stainless steel and aluminium materials rather than only standard steel finishes. Our gate locks are easy to install into any gate design.

And when it comes to safety, our Locinox gate locks won’t let you down.

We also offer manual or electric drop bolts. Our VSF drop bolts feature a hot drip galvanised finish, while our VSA is a standard drop bolt (no lock or electric). You can also find key drop gate locks, which come in a variety of colours and add extra security, along with our electadrop gate locks that are electric locks.

Why Choose Locinox Gate Locks?

What makes Locinox gate locks one of the best on the market? For one thing, Locinox gate locks are guaranteed by the manufacturer. Each lock is thoroughly tested in their own test centre, where the locks are exposed to highly extreme conditions. So, you can count on Locinox gate locks to withstand all weather conditions and still keep on protecting your property.

In addition, the company offers a wide range of locks for everything from garden gates all the way up to industrial gates. These are gate locks you can count on to keep your business premises, home, garden, and swimming pool gate safe and securely locked at all times.

If you’d like to learn more about our Locinox gate locks, contact us today! We’re happy to answer your questions about these products, and we can help you choose the right lock for your gate. We’re looking forward to working with you!