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Gate Locks & Closers (422)

Things to Consider About Gate Locks

You’ve chosen a gate system that complements your property and works as needed, but now it’s time to invest in a gate lock. But what do you need to consider about an electric gate lock?

Do I Need A Lock On My Gate?

Locks are a great way to add security to your gate, whether you have a manual or automated system. Whether it’s vehicle or pedestrian we have a lock that is fit for the job!

How To Pick The Correct Lock?

They are two main types of locks: Mechanical and Electronic.

Types of Mechanical gate lock

Mechanical gate locks are a more traditional type of locks which use a key or a code to open the gate. You are more likely to find mechanical type gate locks on a manual or pedestrian gate as they do not need power to operate.

Electronic locks are normally used on automated gates or high security pedestrian gates, combined with access control systems or intercoms. You can also have a standalone keypad or proximity reader as long as you have the power available.

Types of Electric gate lock

There are 3 main types of electronic locks that we would recommend for automated gates.

Mag Locks are a fail safe type lock meaning if there is a power cut the lock will release. Mag locks come in a range of sizes and different holding forces - the higher the holding force the stronger the lock. Mag gate locks can be used on swing and sliding gates.

Electric Locks are available in both fail safe and fail secure type locks. Fail safe will release on power loss and fail secure stay locked if there is no power (but has a key override in case of power fails) We would recommend electric locks to be used only on swing gates.

Electronic drop bolts are an automated drop bolt that will raise and lower a steel bolt from the floor. It is important to check the type of automation of the gate system is compatible with this type of lock. Electronic drop bolts can be used on swing or sliding gates.

Why buy your electric gate lock from Rolling Center?

  • Excellent pre-sale and post-sale technical advice from gate kit specialists, including safety compliancy.
  • Flexibility. We supply electric gate kits to suit all needs. From above ground kits, to swing gate kits, sliding, DIY gate kits, high speed and more.
  • Competitive prices. We’re a leading supplier of affordable electric gate kits for both public and trade throughout the UK.
  • Wide range of access control products such as intercoms, keypads and buttons for your electric gates.