Rolling Center Cantilever Carriages (14)

Rolling Center cantilever 8 wheeled gate carriages are available in a wide range of gates dependent on the size and weight of the gate. Two carriage units are required for each gate.

Micro is for openings up to 3.5m / 250kg, Mini is for openings up to 6m / 450kg, Medium is for openings up to 8m / 600kg, H900 is for openings up to 10m / 900kg, Magnum for up to 16m /1200kg, Magnum 2 is for openings up to 18m / 2200kg and Super Magnum2 is for openings up to 30m / 4500kg.

Two cantilever carriages are included in all of the cantilever gate kits and silent versions are available in all sizes. The silent version is up to 35% quieter than the standard version.

Some of the advantages of a cantilever gate system are;

No need for groundwork or to disturb the existing surface
Suitable for installations on a hill or incline
Low maintenance
No track wear in high traffic volume situation