Wireless Intercoms (12)

Wireless intercoms do not require a wire to be run between the intercom panel inside the house and the front door or gate. They are ideal where there is some distance between the entrance and the building where cabling isn’t possible. Wireless intercoms are easier to install than wired versions as no wiring is required.

Our range of audio and video wireless intercoms include systems which are suitable for residential and commercial properties with single or multiple dwellings. Just like with smartphones, wireless intercoms can be susceptible to interference so it is important to consider the layout and range of the intercom unit in relation to the handset.

Thick or metal walls or any other blockages may affect the effectiveness of the intercom. It is recommended to discuss the layout of your homes to the intercom service provider. We can also supply bespoken intercom systems to suit all needs. Call us to discuss your requirements.

AES 705 AB one way wireless video system without keypad
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