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Strike Locks (23)

Strike locks, also known as electric strike locks or door strikes, are devices used to secure doors in various applications, such as homes, offices, and commercial buildings. They work in conjunction with traditional lock and latch mechanisms to control access electronically.

Components: A strike lock consists of two main components: the strike plate and the locking mechanism. The strike plate is installed on the door frame, while the locking mechanism is installed on the door itself.

Operation: When an electric current is applied to the strike lock, it releases the latch or bolt, allowing the door to be opened without needing to turn a physical key or handle.

Control: Strike locks can be controlled in various ways, including keycards, keypad codes, fingerprint scanners, or remote control devices. They are often integrated into access control systems, which provide a higher level of security and management.

Security: Strike locks offer several security advantages. For example, they can be easily integrated into a security system, allowing for remote access control and monitoring. They can also provide an audit trail of who entered or exited a building and when.

Why choose Rolling centre for strike locks?

Expert Guidance: Rolling Center offers exceptional pre-sale and post-sale technical support from our team of specialists, ensuring you have the best advice and assistance, particularly when it comes to safety compliance.

Versatility: We provide a diverse selection of kits & accessories tailored to meet various requirements. Our range encompasses most strike lock accessories, ensuring we have the perfect fit for your needs.

Competitive Pricing: As a trusted supplier, we deliver competitively priced locks to both the general public and trade professionals across the UK. Our commitment to affordability allows you to secure quality products without breaking the bank.

When considering strike locks for your specific application, it's essential to assess your security requirements, the type of access control system you want to implement, and the compatibility with your existing door hardware.

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