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Roger Technology has always been devoted to providing top-notch mechanics and never-ending tech research. The company is an Italian manufacturing company that is based on innovative people who are motivated by passion. These are people who aren’t afraid of a huge challenge. They’re ready to take on those challenges with new, bright ideas to change and improve the future.

The company has learned, from the start, to avoid mechanical transmission systems made with plastic, Teflon, or nylon. And their quality control processes use the microscope to ensure our products are of the highest quality possible.

The Brushless Motor

One of the most significant moments in the life of Roger Technology came when it became the first pioneer in the development of digital brushless technology for gate motorization. They were the first to develop the Brushless motor and 24v DC low voltage digital controller. All of this was presented at the international trade show in Stuttgart in 2012. From there, the company has been devoted to developing the highest tech for gate motorization. They still lead the market with gate motorization products.

Roger Technology has always been armed with a highly innovative spirit and impressive experience as manufacturers of electromechanical motors. They developed the brushless-oriented automation solution that has a permanent magnetic digital motor, and a digital controller that makes the automation system fully controllable and secure. Their products are fit for heavy-duty use with very low power consumption.

The company’s growth in the industry has mostly been driven by a desire among homeowners to automate their homes with technology to help them better manage their lives and keep themselves safe while they’re away from home.

Roger Technology was founded in 1981 by the Florian brothers and is one of the most innovative and productive companies in the creation of digital brushless technologies relative to digital control systems and in the industrial production of applied mechanics. Their factory is located in the Mogliano Veneto (Treviso) plants, where their products are manufactured to the highest standards.

This is a company you can count on! Roger Technology guarantees no limit of use due to its 100% duty cycle with every brushless motor. The brushless motor maintains its torque at the same value throughout all the speed ranges. That means no motors lack power in the slowdown phase. The motor regulates an ambient temperature in all conditions due to its lack of friction. In addition, brushless motors use 50% less power than standard brushed motors, with no compromise on running speed.

Our Roger Technology Products

At Rolling Center, we understand that our customers want the highest-quality products possible. That’s why we carry Roger Technology gate motorization products, including the following:

Sliding Gate Automation Systems

36 V DC Brushless range from 400kg up to 2200kg, and 230V AC range from 400kg weight capacity up to 2500kg.

Swing Gate Automation Systems

36V DC range Brushless aboveground motors, brushless underground motors, brushless articulated motors, and 230V AC range aboveground motors, underground motors, and articulated motors.

Automatic Barriers – the Bionic Range

Ranging from 3m to 8m barriers. Ideal solution in residential, commercial or industrial access.

Gate Automation Accessories