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Rolling Center Wheels (119)

Rolling Center has an extensive range of high quality wheels for automatic and manual sliding gates. Wheels are compatible with Rolling Center tracks including Ibbi, Omega, Heavy, Sistema, Floor and are suitable for O groove, v groove and u groove tracks.

Gate wheels are an important part of automated gates. Gate wheels are on an axle with a bracket, which attaches to the gate.

There are different types of gate wheels, such as a bolt on version (1030PCO) bolt through the gate frame version (1027o) and recess into the frame version (1026PSO). These gate wheels are compatible with three different types of tracks, including the O groove, U groove, and V groove.

You’ll also find there are single and double-bearing gate wheels.

Single or Double Bearing Gate Wheel?

How can you tell the difference between single or double-bearing gate wheels? The single-bearing gate wheel has one bearing pressed into the wheel. The double-bearing wheel has two bearings that are placed side by side to improve stability and strength.

In many cases, you may not be able to see the bearings, as they may be sealed to prevent debris and corrosion from destroying the bearings and to improve the wheel’s useful life.

However, you can usually tell a double-bearing gate wheel from a single-bearing wheel by the price. The double-bearing gate wheel is usually more expensive. These wheels are usually recommended over single-bearing gate wheels. The fact is that double-bearing gate wheels usually last between 5-7 years, making them a durable, cost-effective choice.

In addition, larger gate wheels are necessary for heavy-duty gates.

Gate Wheel Tracks

The gate wheel track is a necessary piece of gate equipment, as it allows the gate to easily slide. The track is fixed to the ground, with the wheels connected to the bottom of the gate and inserted onto the track. The track can concreted in to the foundation to ensure the track is permanently fixed.

Once the track and wheels have been installed, the gate is able to slide easily open. What’s more, the track is loading bearing and helps support the gate.

There are two types of gate wheel tracks that we carry, including:

V-groove track: the track is shaped like a “v” and comes as a bolt down option to the groundworks. This track doesn’t need to be cleaned as there is nowhere for debris to hide. Can only be used for smaller or residential gates as it can only take up to 500kg of weight.

O-groove track: this track can be bolted to the ground or it’s possible concrete in the track into the ground. The track has a raised portion that looks like an “O” shape, where the gate wheel rides. Sections of the track are aligned together with a track joint pin (that is purchased separately).

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right gate wheel and track for your gate. Be sure to reach out to our customer care team for guidance and advice. We’re happy to help and offer our assistance!