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Underground Electric Gate Kit (22)

Underground gate automation kits are visually discrete and offer improved gate aesthetics as the motor is not visible. However they are generally slightly more expensive than an above ground option.

A great advantage of underground systems is that only the lid is visible at ground level, and the operator is contained in a foundation box which is concreted into the ground. Although slightly more expensive than the other systems due to the ground work that is required, this is the neatest from a visual point and most often chosen for gates of the highest quality.

What is an Underground Electric Gate Kit?

Underground electric gate kits are popular for a range of reasons. An underground electric gate kit is an automation system for gates that’s installed in the ground. The gate opener is placed under the hinge end of a swing gate. In addition, underground electric gate openers don’t require much space to operate.

These automated gate kits are a great option if you’re concerned about aesthetics and prefer a discrete invisible gate opening system.

The Benefits of Underground Electric Gate Kits

Installation of underground electric gate kits has several benefits, including:

Nearly Invisible

This is one of the main reasons customers choose to install underground electric gate kits. The motors are buried under the ground and enclosed in boxes. All you can see is a lid above the ground.

An underground electric gate kit is a great choice if you’d like to avoid ruining the aesthetics of the gates with arms across the back section of the gates.


Automatic gate kits are usually pretty quiet; however, underground gate kits are some of the quietest compared to other types of openers. You may want to consider this if you live in a residential area, especially if your gates work during the night.

Can Move All Types of Gate

In addition, underground gate motors are usually found on open-patterned iron gates; however, they can also be used with other types of gates.

Easy to Manually Release

During a power failure, underground gate kits are easy to release, so you won’t become trapped in your driveway. Underground motors have a lever beneath the gate that connects to the motor. The key is all that’s needed to disconnect the lever from the motor.

While the underground electric gate kits are usually more expensive than other systems, they are one of the most discrete from a visual perspective.

Our Underground Electric Gate Kit

Our underground electric gate kits are ideal for any new installation, and their discrete finish doesn’t alter the look of your gate.

A soak away foundation/drainage is required for these motors. Depending on the brand, the motor can be submerged in water, but only for a limited time. The soak away allows the water to leave the motor and foundation box, and doesn’t allow water to enter the motor or cause long-term damage.

In addition, there’s a wide range of underground kits available, either 230v or 24v. The weight of the gate and the size of the opening are used to determine the correct kit needed. Without this information, the gate motor can be under spec and fail.

Chain kits are also available to open the gate leaf/motor further than the standard 110 degrees for the larger entrances or where the opening space is a challenge. Chain kits are available at an additional cost, but they can open up to 180 degrees.