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Rolling Center Gate Stops (5)

Centre gate stops for 2 leaf swing gates for manual and automatic gates by Rolling Center.

Advantages of gate stops

Gate stops are an essential part of both manual and electric gate systems. While they’re generally inexpensive, gate stops are a great investment. They’re easy to install and work to prevent damage from gates that have swung too far open or closed past too far. A gate stop will also help prevent damage to the automation in high winds as the gates are pushing up against something as well as reducing some of the stress on the automation

A gate opening past the point of the hinge can cause the hinge to break. This also leads to ruined gate closers, damaged automation and can even cause a split in the gate material. Repairs to these parts of the gate can be both stressful, inconvenient and expensive. However, with the right gate stop, your gate is sure to stop at the right position.

Types of gate stops

There are two types of gate stops - those that can be concreted in and bolt down versions to suit all installations. Concrete versions are less noticeable and therefore more discrete. Some prefer gate stops to be concreted in so that they are more aesthetically pleasing. Bolt down gate stops are useful in that they can be added after an installation is complete if you start to experience problems.

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