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Rolling Center Sliding & Folding Door Hardware (91)

Rolling Center hardware products are designed and manufactured specifically for sliding and folding doors using constantly evolving technology.

The range includes all the products you need for your sliding and folding doors including handles, monorail track, wheels, pins, hinges, guides, brackets, limit stops, rods. The new range of Stilfix accessories for sliding and folding door are designed to make your doors noiseless.

What is Sliding Door Hardware?

Sliding doors have become more popular in recent years and offer many benefits over traditional doors. The doors can be used in both residential and commercial settings. They also play a role in the aesthetics of a space, such as complementing other components outside or within a structure.

There are two main categories of sliding doors hardware: interior and exterior. The doors also come in a wide range of types, including:

  • Bypass doors

  • Pocket sliding doors

  • Sliding bi-fold doors

  • Patio sliding doors

  • Sliding French doors

  • Accordion doors

  • Barn doors

Each door also uses slightly different components, though most sliding door hardware is about the same. Sliding door hardware includes:

  • Track

  • Wheels

  • Pins

  • Mounting brackets

  • Internal travel stops

  • Guide rollers

  • Handles

  • Sliding door hinges

How to Choose the Right Sliding Door Hinges & Hardware

Once you’ve chosen the type of sliding door for your project, it’s essential to use the right sliding door hardware. The right hardware is essential to ensure the door system works correctly and smoothly.

So, how do you choose the correct sliding door hardware? Here’s a list of considerations and questions to help you find the right hardware for your sliding door.


The track is usually about twice the width of the door opening. However, it may be necessary to use multiple track lines if there’s not enough space for the sliding doors to open and move side by side. In that case, it’s important to choose double brackets to install two track lines side by side.


There are a couple of choices here, either wall or ceiling mounted. The number of brackets necessary for the door depends on the track length and the weight of the door.

Hangers and Fixing Plates

For indoor applications, it’s best to choose nylon wheels, while steel wheels are best to use with outdoor sliding doors. The number of hangers required is dependent on the overall weight of the door.

Fixing plates are also needed to attach hangers to the doors. Doors made of aluminium, composite, or wood all require top or side fixing plates.


Stops are used to limit door movement. The stop is inside the track and stops door movement by hitting the hanger.

Bottom Guide

The bottom guide is an essential part of the sliding door hardware. It keeps the door working correctly and safely. The bottom guide also keeps the door from swinging.

The bottom guide is usually installed on the floor or wall, though in some cases, it may be installed under the door leaf.

Sliding Door Handles

Sliding door handles make it easier to move the door by grabbing the handle and pushing the door open or closed. The handle needed depends on the type of sliding door that’s been chosen.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Sliding Door Hardware

Here are some of the considerations when choosing sliding door hardware:

Weight of the doors: determines what track and wheels are needed.

Wheels: hold the weight capacity of the door. How many are required?

How to secure the doors: will the sliding doors be secured to the ceiling or wall? We offer wall and ceiling support brackets, depending on the positioning of the door. The doors must be secured to a durable, steady surface that can hold the weight of the door. Otherwise, the sliding door must be reinforced.

How will the door(s) be guided at the bottom: you can choose a guide roller on a plate or a track in the ground with wheels if the door is large and heavy and requires stabilisation.