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Pal Electronics is all about making your life easier with its advanced IoT (Internet of Things) technology. They’re a market leader in wireless units from gates-doors-access control solutions and more.

Why Choose Pal Electronics Devices?

Their devices include Pal’s user-friendly app that makes it easier to manage and control gates and doors from the same app. In addition, their devices are plug & play. That means it’s easy and fast to install their devices. You don’t have to be techy!

Pal’s small wireless devices connect to any electric gate or door, lighting control, or any place where you need to save time and have remote access control. What’s more, time events, yearly calendars, installation status, time groups, and many other valuable features are easy to access for users.

Pal electronics have been in business for more than a decade and provide innovative, creative, user-friendly technology that anyone can use.

Their small wireless units, designed by their R&D department, became a game changer and their global distributors and installers’ favourite Pal devices for ease of control and management. The company is committed to quality, innovation, and providing a user-friendly WEB Interface & app to the benefit of their chain of users: Distributors-Installers-End users.

At Rolling Center, we offer an extensive range of Pal products that suit any application requirement:

4g Smart Devices

4g Smart devices that are all controlled by remote management. Whether on desktop or app, they’re available on Android, Apple, Google Home, or Siri support.

It’s possible to connect the smart device to any door or gate and control who has access. You can set up time restrictions, delete/add and edit users. And it’s possible to manage devices and different sites remotely, and the system stores event and access logs. Review the performance of the smart device, signal strength, power outages, and more.

Smart remote transmitters are also available to incorporate with smart devices. You don’t have to be a techy, either—making access is as easy as clicking a button. Pal smart devices cannot be duplicated or cloned, so you’re sure of enhanced security every time, with up to 100m in range for long distances.


Pal also offers a new long-range RFID reader. This innovative, integrated reader is an all-in-one device and is an ideal solution for applications such as intelligent parking management and access control.

Each vehicle has a unique RFID sticker on the windshield. When the vehicle approaches, the RFID antenna transmits a signal and identifies the sticker to grant access.