Videx are a leading supplier and manufacturer of intercoms.

Videx have been established for over 30 years as a leading manufacturer and supplier of intercoms access control systems across the UK. Videx are intercom experts and their team of developers are focused on designing and manufacturing high quality, reliable products as well as providing support to their customers.

Videx have a vast range of intercoms which provide solutions to the unique requirements of each client. Videx intercoms are available in all types of configurations for all types of applications from private housing, social housing, public buildings and commercial applications to residential properties.


Videx offer solutions for a vast range of intercoms where door entry and access control are required. Their intercom systems are widely used in private housing, social housing, public buildings and commercial applications.

An off-the-shelf solution is not always suitable which is why Videx can create unique intercom systems to meet your access control requirements. They manufacture and provide a wide range of door entry intercom systems from audio and video intercoms to GSM intercoms.


Videx provide excellent technical support and assistance for the life cycle of any intercom. Whether that’s training at installation stage, supplying a replacement part or helping the further expansion of an existing system.

Door entry installations typically have a life cycle exceeding a decade which is why they take the aspect of support seriously and invest in this to ensure an installation will continue to meet the needs of the client for many years to come.

Videx have a dedicated technical support telephone line which reflects their customer-focused ethos of providing the quickest response to all types of technical, product and installation enquiries. They also offer site assistance should a problem arise which can’t be resolved by telephone.


A number of intercom systems are available each with unique features designed specifically for today’s door entry and access control challenges. Beginning with the Videx kit range, flexibility and simplicity have been a key feature of the design and this philosophy continues through to all our systems.


Videx offers one of the widest choices of entrance panel intercoms, audio intercoms and video intercom design, offering a solution which both complements and enhances any building décor.