Videx SP940 stainless steel intercom post single height

Product Code: SP940

Pedestrian height post 1200mm high

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Videx offer a range of standard sized stainless steel posts: five optional straight-up posts (SP9 series) and five 45° angled arm posts (PO 45° series), all with universal fixings which will accommodate the full range of Videx audio, video and access control products. All posts are manufactured from durable and hard wearing brushed stainless steel.

The SP9 series has a 80mm x 80mm central post and incorporates a substaintial 200mm x 200mm x 8mm base plate with 4 x 14mm diameter fixing holes to secure the unit to the floor.

The PO 45° series has 50mm x 50mm central post which incorporates a 45° angled arm(s) at varying heights (depending on model number) and has 250mm x 250mm x 8mm base plate with 4 x 11mm diameter fixing holes to secure the unit to the floor.

A range of post mounting boxes and mounting plates are available separately to suit the Videx VR120 series, 4000 & VR4K series and also the VX2200 VR (SP300) digital series. Special boxes for bespoke VR panels are also available on request.

The five height options for each series that are available include: Pedestrian height at 1.6m tall, Pedestrian Dual height at 1.2m and 1.6m tall; Car height at 1.2m tall, Car/HGV Dual height at 1.2m and 2m tall and the HGV height at 2m tall.


  • Two stainless steel posts series options available: SP9 or PO 45° series
  • Five mounting height options: 1.2m (car), 1.6m (pedestrian), 1.2m & 1.6m (dual height pedestrian), 1.2m & 2.0m (car & HGV height) and 2.0m (HGV height)
  • Universal mounting fixing holes which allow the attachment of door entry panels or access control units


SP9 Series Posts:

  • Base plate dimensions: 200mm x 200mm x 8mm.
  • Base fixing: 4 x 14mm fixing holes.
  • Post dimensions 80mm x 80mm tube.

This kit contains: