Videx 6378 3.5” colour videophone

Product Code: 6378

The 6378 is a low cost, compact hands-free colour videophone for the VX2200 video system including the C4KVID videokit series.

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A surface mount videophone that is finished in white impact resistant ABS plastics and features a 3.5″ high definition LCD TFT colour display and four tactile buttons for "door open", "answer call/camera recall", "privacy ON/OFF" and spare service button. The "door open" and "privacy ON" features are also accompanied by an indication LED.

Adjustments include a set of picture hue, contrast and brightness controls, a 3 level call tone volume switch and microphone volume adjustment trimmer.

The videophone is also compatible with the 63931 desk kit for an easy and practical functional alternative to a wall mount solution.



  • Surface mount videophone in white impact resistant ABS plastics
  • 3.5" full colour active matrix LCD TFT display
  • Includes 4 buttons for answer call/camera recall, door open, service and privacy
    LED's to indicate when "privacy ON" and "door open" functions are activated
  • Programmable number of rings, melody and privacy duration
  • Adjustable call tone, picture hue and brightness levels
  • Compatible with the 63931 desk kit


  • System: VX2200 video, C4KVID videokit series
  • Power input: 20Vdc
  • Current consumption: 350mA (max.)
  • Programming: phone ID addressing via internal 8 way dip-switch (DSW1)
  • Screen: 3.5″ TFT active matrix LCD
  • Buttons: 4 (door open, answer/camera recall, service, and privacy)
  • Hands-free: Yes
  • Video type: Balanced video, 1V p-p (V1/V2)
  • LED's: Yes, "door open" and "privacy ON"
  • Wiring: 6 cores min, 1 additional core required for door open LED
  • Mounting & finish: Surface, white finish
  • Materials: Impact resistant ABS plastics
  • Desk mount: Yes, using the 63931 desk kit
  • Dimensions (mm): 102 (W) x 182 (H) x 27 (D)

This kit contains: