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Robus sliding gate kit & GSM intercom with keypad bundle offer 2

Product Code: OLBK2

Automation kit for gate up to 600kg max and GSM Intercom with keypad bundle


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Bundle kit includes the below:

Robuskit1 sliding gate automation kit includes:

  • 1x RB600 24v sliding gate motor for gates up to 600kg
  • 1x pair EPMB BlueBus safety photocells
  • 2x ON2E 2 button rolling code transmitters
  • 1x OXI 4 channel plug in rolling code receiver

GSM intercom kit includes:

  • 1x Videx GSM4KCR-1S one button GSM intercoms with aerialand power supply



This is an easy to install sliding gate kit which is suitable for gates up to 600kg in weight.It is a quiet and very reliable sliding gate kit which can be fitted without professional assistance. The RobusKit 1 is suitable for light residential gates. It is adaptable to climatic conditions and has adjustable acceleration and deceleration at opening and closing.

User-friendly: the Nice BlueBUS technology, enables to power and control a maximum of 7 couples of photocells from the MoonBus series using two wires only.

Self closing: can be programmed to self close.

Practical: the control unit and PS124 buffer battery (optional) can be connected by means of a simple connector and can be housed directly inside the motor.

Advanced: Robuskit 1 & 3 are equipped with a temperature sensor which adapts the motor power to the climatic conditions and at the same time the thermal cut-out. A master/slave selection automatically synchronises 2 motors. This means it is possible to automate 2-leaf sliding gates set opposite each other.

Intelligent: thanks to the obstacle detection system and automatic programming of the working times. Self-diagnosis by means of a flashing light. 8 programming levels.

Safe: acceleration and deceleration can be adjusted at the beginning and end of each opening and closing manoeuvre.

Sturdy: base and release in pressure die cast with easy to open handle.

Very quiet: gear motor on bearings.


This is a simple to install GSM 1 button intercom that is suitable for one residential properties or a small office. The intercom has 1 call buttons on one entrance panel.

Using mobile phone technology, a call will be made to the occupants phone, removing the need to be in the house to answer the door or gate. It is possible to open your gate while you are not at home. This intercom allows 2 way communication between occupants and the caller. Available with or without a keypad.

Intercom for one entrance: simple intercom that is for six users.

Two way speech

Backlit name plate

Sim Card: sim card is required for set up for call through to the occupants phone.

Calls up to to 5 devices:if the phone call isn't answered, the next number is called.

Easy programming: easily done by SMS or dialling into the panel using a telephone with a keypad.

Surface Mounted: intercom with a mirror stainless steel facia and gun metal surround.

Push to exit input (codelock version): the popular 4903 backlit keypad with 2 relays, 2x exit button inputs and programmable (Through the keypad) with up to three 4-8 digit codes.

Multiple phone numbers: the intercom allows the calling of two telephone numbers per button.

The new app simplifies programming and usability for both end users and installers. Available for iOS and Android devices, the app allows you to program the GSM intercom system by automatically creating the SMS messages.

The app is a great addition to the Videx GSM product range, enhancing the features while also providing a convenient way to manage and operate the system.

Features include the ability to activate the door or gate either for the programmed time or to latch and unlatch it. This can be done via text message or dialling using the dial to open feature. You can also add and modify numbers called, the dial to open numbers, access codes including temporary access codes for one-time visitors, as well as proximity tags that are used to open the gate or door.

Up to 10 GSM intercoms can be stored in the app. Settings such as master code, telephone number, call button telephone numbers and free access settings are all stored to save the user time while using the app. An advanced version of the app will also be available soon with even more features for the installer or managing agent of the system.

The app is not restricted to the GSMPRO version of the Videx GSM intercom systems and can also be used with the Digital GSM, vandal resistant GSM’s, multiple entrance 2270 interface and the GSM lite.

Users can also set up free access time periods where the gate or door can be held open for visitors. The ability to decode received messages from the intercom panel is also included and some of these messages can also be imported and saved in the app for future use. For example, if the intercom call button has already been programmed it’s possible to receive the telephone numbers for the call button and import them into the app.

Users will be able to download the app directly from Google’s ‘Play store’ and Apple’s ‘App store’ free of change. The app can be used with all current and older model GSM intercoms.

Download from Apple Store

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This kit contains:


47/A2 2m galvanised slotted gear rack
47/A2 2m galvanised slotted gear rack
inc. VAT
Nice EPMB pair of outdoor BlueBUS photocells
Nice EPMB pair of outdoor BlueBUS photocells
inc. VAT
Videx 4K-1S/CL one station audio intercom with keypad
Videx 4K-1S/CL one station audio intercom with keypad
inc. VAT
Nice ON2E 2 channel rolling code transmitter
Nice ON2E 2 channel rolling code transmitter
inc. VAT