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Microtronics Blueforce force tester with arm kit

Product Code: BLUEFORCE

Forcetesting instruments for automatic gates and doors

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Comes complete with a carry case designed specifically for holding the forcetester device.

New blue led alphanumerical display: The indestructible display with 7 segments is even brighter and more legible thanks to the blue colouring.


Technical data

Dimensions and Weight: 280x80x50mm - approx. 1.6 Kg
Power supply: 9V alkaline battery
Memory capacity: 80 tests
Force acq. interval: 6 sec, sampling at 1kHz
Force measurement range: 0-2000N (mechanical stop at approx. 2100N)
Force measurement resolution: 1N
Dynamic time measurement resolution: 0.01s
Maximum force measurement error margin: range from 0 to 400N: +/-1% F.S; from 400 to 1000N: +/-2% F.S; from 1000 to 2000N: +/-4% F.S;
NFC interface: standard ISO/IEC 14443 and NFC Forum Type 4 (enabled as an option via password)
BLE interface: Bluetooth version 4.1 (enabled as an option via password)
USB interface: v.2.0 specification compliant

CE-EMC conformity at TUV Rheinland on sample BlueForce instrument serial no.: 00981
Compliant with standards EN12445, EN12453, EN16005, EN60335-2-95

This kit contains: