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Locinox Gate Closer - Samson2 hydraulic gate closer for large gates

Product Code: SAMSON2

Locinox Polyvalent automatic hydraulic gate closer.

One model fits all gates up to 2 meters and maximum 150 kg!

The Samson-2 comes with mounting brackets to fit both 90°and 180°hinges and can reach a 150° opening angle, depending on which hinges are used.

Final snap, speed and force are easily adjustable after installation. Soft closing speed with final snap for locks or without final snap (for MagLocks). The adjustment screws are easy to reach on the back of the Samson gate closer.

The included brackets simplify the installation beacause they are adjustable even after installaton. The Samson 2 is installer friendly due to the patented Quick-Fix system.

The Samson 2 works equally well in all weather as it is made with a patented hydraulic damping system and 100% rustfree materials.

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What is a Gate Closer?

A gate closer, such as the Locinox Samson2 hydraulic gate closer, is a self-closing mechanism that closes a gate at a controlled speed. Once the gate closer has been installed, it’s possible to easily open the gate by hand, and when you release the gate, it closes at a safe speed.

One of the greatest benefits of a Locinox gate closer is that they’re easy to install on new or pre-existing gates. And it’s not necessary to change the hinges or mount an expensive closing device.

In addition, the Locinox gate closer provides security and safety for residential and commercial properties. The gate closer’s closing speed and force are also adjustable when fitting the gate closers. This makes the gate closers usable on many types of gates and in different situations, including pedestrian gates, garden gates, nursery & playground areas, residential properties, and more.

The Locinox Samson2 Gate Closer Specifications

The Locinox Samson2 gate closer replaces the previous Samson 250 and 400. Now, there’s one model that fits all gates up to 1.98m wide and weights up to 150kg. The gate closer is easy to install and comes with quick-fix fasteners. These allow you to mount the closer to a hollow framed steel or aluminum gate without welding. The closer can also be mounted on wood gates or brick pillars with different fasteners that are not included.

Why Choose the Updated Locinox Samson2 Gate Closer?

For one thing, the updated Samson2 gate closer offers an improved range of operation. It can close the gate from a 150˚ angled; however, this depends on the hinges used.

The Samson2 comes with mounting brackets to work on both 90˚ and 180˚ hinges, allowing the gate closer to work on atypical gates. In addition, the adjustment settings are now easier than ever before. The final snap, closing speed, and closing force can be adjusted after the closer is installed. This makes it easier to customize the closer so it works with a wide range of applications.

The Samson2 gate closer is 100% rust-free and is built from materials designed to work in all types of weather and function in all situations. The gate closer uses a hydraulic system that functions in all types of weather.

The Locinox gate closer works with gates up to 1.67m wide and closes gates up to 150kg. Each gate closer is tested over 500,000 cycles and to temperatures such as -25.6˚F. And the gate closer comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

You can rest assured that the Locinox Samson2 is a high-quality gate closer with exceptional parts. It will operate for years to come. In addition, Locinox is a company that brings over 30 years to the manufacture of gate hardware, locks, hinges, and more. They are best in class and have earned a great reputation around the world for the company’s excellent products and workmanship.


  • Opening angle up to 150° depending on the situation
  • Specially developed for outdoor use: industrial quality
  • Scratch resistant and corrosion free anodised aluminium housing
  • Closing speed unaffected by temperature changes
  • Fast and easy fixing with Quick-Fix
  • For left and right turning gates
Locinox Gate Closer Specification chart

Frequently Asked Questions

Up to what gate weight will this closer close?

Up to 150kg

What is the maximum gate size that this closer will work with?

Up to 2 meters

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This kit contains:


Locinox U Safe stainless steel safety cable
Locinox U Safe stainless steel safety cable
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