Should you choose sliding electric gates or swing electric gates?

Which is best? swing or sliding gates? and what are the advantages and disadvantages of both?

Should you choose sliding electric gates or swing electric gates?

Electric gates are growing in popularity and offer a number of benefits so it’s easy to see why there has been a big increase in popularity over the last few years. They offer safety, security, convenience (no more getting out of the car to open the gates!), practicality and also an element of status.

So once you’ve made the decision to install some electric gates for the first time, you then need to decide whether to choose swing or sliding gates?

Where to start? In many cases, the choice can be taken out of your hands to a certain extent. Ultimately, when making your decision you really need to consider the location of the entrance and the environment around it. As well as having your own visions of what you want the gate to look like aesthetically. Another point to consider is the height of the gate and your reasons for installing it. Do you want people to be able to see over the gate?

Here’s a quick review of electric gate kits and some of the pro’s and con’s of both swing and sliding gates to help you make your decision.

Electric Gate Kits

There are electric swing gate kits and electric sliding gate kits available to suit all requirements and, once you’ve chosen whether you want a swing or a sliding gate (see below), the next step is choosing best electric gate kit to suit your needs.

Electric gate kits include the key products to automate your gates including the electric gate motors, safety photocells, transmitters and a receiver so you can open and close the gate.

Some of these are easy to install and if you are planning to install the gate automation yourself then Nice Home offer a range of fantastic, DIY electric gate kits that are great value.

If you plan to use other kits or have a more complicated installation, we recommend using a professional electric gate installer.

If you want any advice call our technical team on 0113 201 6677 who will be happy to help.

Electric Swing Gates



  • One of the biggest benefits over a sliding gate are that swing gates are usually a lower cost than a sliding gate as they have a more simple construction. Although this can depend on if a single or double leaf swing gate is chosen.
  • They also require less maintenance and repair as swing gates have fewer parts than sliding gates
  • Quieter than sliding gates
  • They are suitable to narrow openings as they don't require space at the side of the opening for the gate to slide open


  • Require more space inside the opening so if you have a short drive, swing gates may not be the option for you. You will need a lot of space behind the gate for the gates to open inwards. In fact, if you have got a 4m leaf gate then you will also need 4m space behind the gates to swing as they open
  • They are harder to fit on a slope. Unless there is a lot of space under the gates then it won’t be possible to fit them on a slope as the gate would hit the ground as they open and it would stop the movement of the gate. In this case, the gates could be installed to open outwards but there needs to be space for a car to stop outside the opening and for the gate to still swing open. Clear markings and instructions need to be visible for where cars need to stop in order for the gate to be able to open
    Opening outwards is not suitable for multi user gates and would only be suitable for residential gates.
  • They are likely to be more affected by the wind. Wind can cause stress on the mechanics of the gate. However, you can minimise this by fitting a double swing gate which is less affected than a single leaf gate
  • Less secure than sliding gates

Electric Sliding Gates



  • Compact installation - A big plus to a sliding gate is that it leaves more room on your drive for your car(s).
  • Sliding gates can be seen to offer more as they are harder to force open and they may also appear to be more secure so act as a deterrent.
  • It maximises space on the drive because the gate opens sideways rather than inwards.
  • Therefore if you are short of space on your drive or simply want more space on your drive, then a sliding gate is a good option.
  • Sliding gates can be fitted in small spaces where there isn’t enough space for the gate to open inwards or outwards.
  • Tip - If security is an important requirement for you it may be worth looking at the Nice High-Speed Electric Gate Kits.
  • Sliding gates aren’t affected by the wind like swing gates can potentially be.
  • More suitable for wide openings.
  • Suitable for drives that turn sharply left or right.
  • Often give a more contemporary look
  • If you have a very heavy weight you may need to go for a sliding gate due to the equipment that is required to move a sliding gate compared to a swing gate.
  • Suitable for slopes or uneven ground.


  • Need space to the side of the gate. Sliding gates need space for the gate to slide open sideways either left or right, depending on the space available. The space that the gate will need to slide open is the same width of the gate plus a third. The gate will usually slide along the boundary fence or wall.
  • You will need to fit a track across the ground which will need maintenance and to be kept clean. Unless you choose a cantilever gate which doesn’t require a ground track.
  • Can be noisier than swing gates.

10 February 2020