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How to transform your existing manual gates into electric gates

So you’ve made the decision that you want some extra security for your home or business or you simply want to make your life easier by not having to get out of your car to open the gates! But how do you go about it?

How to transform your existing manual gates into electric gates

Automated gates have been increasing in popularity over the past few years as homeowners recognise the benefits and value that they offer in terms of enhanced safety and security for your property, convenience and privacy (no more getting out of the car in all weathers to open the gate!) as well as potentially increasing the value of your property and saving on the cost of your household insurance.

If you already have a gate and are considering replacing it, you may first wish to check if it would be possible to make your existing manual gates in to electric gates. If so, here are a few points to review:

1. Existing Swing Gates

  • Can the gate swing in both directions without obstruction or dragging when it opens and closes
  • Is the condition of the gate robust and heavy duty enough for automation
  • Is there enough wear in the gate to last over time
  • Is the gate level on the hinges
  • Are the posts strong and secure enough to hold the automation
  • What is the condition of the gate hardware
  • Is there any rust? are all components of the gate functioning as they should
  • It is possible to have electric wooden gates as well as other
  • Is this the design and look that you would like for your property

2. Existing Sliding Gates

If you are looking to have electric sliding gates, check all points as per the advice above.

  • Does the gate move smoothly along the track without slowing or catching
  • Check there is enough space at the end of the gate for the installation of the gate operator. If not, would it be possible to extend it

We would suggest asking an experienced trade installer to do a site visit of your existing gate as they will be able to confirm to you if your existing gates will be suitable for gate automation. They will be able to advise on the best electric gate kit equipment that you will need.

It's always a good option to use an experienced installer to fit your gate automation due to their specialist skills and equipment and knowledge about gate safety.

If you are looking to fit your own electric driveway gates, our best selling range of Nice Home electric gate opener kits have been specifically designed for DIY Gate Installations. They are safe and simple to install and come with a comprehensive set of instructions which will guide you through every stage of the installation even if you have limited skills and tools.

We offer pre and post sale technical advice from our experienced technical team who have over 40 years of gate installation experience.

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10 May 2020