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How Do You Make Your Electric Gate Safe?

Did you know - it is a legal obligation to ensure your electric gate is safe. Read the article for more information.

How Do You Make Your Electric Gate Safe?

It is a legal obligation to ensure your electric gate is safe.

See our gate safety page for more information...

We strongly recommend that you get your electric gate automation fitted by an experienced and qualified installer.

While some safety features are included as part of the gate automation kit, there are variety of safety products that can be added to ensure your gate complies with legislation. A risk assessment to identify potential hazards should be done prior to choosing your electric gate kit.


Photocells are an easy to install set of infrared light beams that go across the entrance from transmitter to receiver and if this beam is broken by someone or something stopping the receiver the gate will not shut. While one set of photocells is included in all electric gate kits, it is considered a back up measure and should never be used sole protection. Installers will usually recommend using an additional set of photocells. A second set of photocells will cover a different area so could prevent the gates closing when you are approaching the gate for example.

Safety Edges

Safety edges are an easy to install rubber profile with a contact strip in the middle which trigger an automatic stop when the contact strip detects any contact. The rubber of the safety edge also compresses, providing protection for people and objects from crushing. To be the most effective, the safety edge should match the size of the space. Safety edges help to prevent crush or impact zones.

Wireless safety edge transmitter and receivers

These are a wireless radio communication system that is used with safety edges. The transmitter is connected to the safety edge and the receiver to the door or gate control panel safety input.
The transmitter and receiver constantly communicating with each other and if any part of the system fails, the receiver will activate prevent the gate from operating.

Flashing lights

Flashing lights are a visual aid that are installed on the wall near the electric gate and flash when the gate is opening or closing. The benefit of these are that they are low cost.

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06 April 2018