DIY Electric Gate Installation

Are you considering installing your own electric gates but are not sure how straightforward it is? Or would simply like a few tips? A good starting place is to consider a few key questions..

DIY Electric Gate Installation

Do you want to install your own electric gates?

Are you considering installing your own electric gates but are not sure how straightforward it is? Or would simply like a few tips?

A good starting place is to consider a few key questions..

Is the installer competent?

Unless you have previous installation experience then for the majority of electric gate kits, it is recommended that you use a professional installer. However, if you don’t want to go down this route, then DIY electric gate kits are a great alternative.

The Mhouse range of electric gate kits are a fantastic range of great value, easy to fit and more importantly Safe Do It Yourself gate kits that do not require an installer to fit them. The easy wiring with polarity free connections and colour coded terminals using just 2 wires mean that automating a gate couldn’t be simpler. The auto programming feature means that the most suitable opening parameters are automatically calculated.

Which is the most appropriate kit for my gate?

Before you get started, as with any electric gate kit, you need to take into consideration the weight and length of the gate leaf and the number of operations per day. Also consider all possible limitations to the fitting of the gate such as how wide the entrance is, is the entrance on a slope, what is the environment like i.e. is it windy, what material and shape is the gate, how much clearance do you have either behind the swing gate or if you are choosing a sliding gate, is there sufficient opening space for the gate to slide back?

As well as this, you need to consider the condition of your gate and gate posts. Because fundamentally before you fit the automation equipment, you need to ensure that the gate functions well manually. A good tip for testing this is to slowly open the gate using the tips of your fingers to mimic the movement of the automation.

Does it run freely without obstacles? Do you have space to fit the gate on the pillar? Does the geometry of the gate and the pillar post mean that the gate will be able to open without the motor catching?

Have I done a risk assessment of the gate to protect against potential hazards?

A very important aspect of fitting an electric gate kit is the safety of the gate. The MHouse kits come with a set of photocells (light sensors that stop the gate closing if they sense an obstacle in the way) but it is recommended to install safety edges as well as photocells. The safety edges guard against possible crushing and trigger an automatic stop when the contact strip detects any contact.

Do I need anything else such as access control products?

Do you want to add anything extra such as a keypad for the front of the gate or an intercom?

Do you need any extra transmitters?

Some other points to consider

Options for opening the gate from outside:

If you would like to be able to open the gate from outside then you could fit a keypad. The Nice wireless keypad (MOTXR) is a great option. These are compatible with all electric gate kits

If you are wondering how visitors such as the postman or delivery drivers will get access, there are a few options:

  • Fit a keypad – Use an access code to open the gate. This code can be given out to other people that want access.
  • Install a ‘push to open’ button outside your gate. By using a timer, you can restrict times when this will work. You may wish to put a push to open button on the inside of your gate as well so that they can get out.
  • Use a transmitter. Additional transmitters are available.
  • Fit an Intercom – Use an intercom to open the gate either from An intercom with a keypad will also offer the option to use an access code to enter the property.
  • Although a bit more expensive, a great option is to fit a GSM intercom which would call through to your mobile phone so you could always answer the gate where ever you are as long as you have your phone with you. You can then press a button on your phone to open the gate and give access to your visitors.
  • You could put a post box with a lock outside your gate

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06 April 2018