How much does an electric gate opener cost?

Find out how much it costs to purchase and run an electric gate opener

How much does an electric gate opener cost?

If you’re considering an electric gate opener but would like to understand how much it will cost to purchase initially, plus the ongoing costs associated with running it, then our experts at Rolling Center have created this useful pricing guide for you.

How much does an electric gate opener cost?

Electric gate openers range from around £500 to £1,100 in price, depending on the size of your gate and the complexity of your gate set up. For example, prices will be dependent on if you require an above ground or over ground gate opener, the required speed, the weight of your gate and many other factors. To help with this decision, we’ve created a useful guide comparing the best electric gate openers.

What are the running costs of an electric gate opener?

In terms of how much it costs to actually run your electric gate, in standby mode most electric gates use roughly 100 watts per day.

Electricity prices vary depending on what energy provider or region you live in, but if you take the current average electricity price in the UK, of 15p per KWh, this amounts to around 1.5p per day to run your electric gate opener, meaning it is relatively inexpensive to run an electric gate, especially considering the value it can add to your property.

What other costs do I need to consider?

Alongside your electric gate opener, you may need to purchase the actual gate frame - with prices for these varying depending on the type of material preferred - i.e metal, wood etc.

You may also need to hire a gate installer to fit your gate which will be an additional cost. Many of Rolling Center’s gates are easy to fit and come with clear instructions, but for additional safety it may be best to work with a professional installer.

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02 March 2021