Cantilever Gate Buying Guide 2021

The essential guide to Cantilever gates - including kits, rollers and carriages.

Cantilever Gate Buying Guide 2021

The gate hardware experts at Rolling Center have created a useful guide for all things cantilever gates. From what’s included in a Cantilever gate kit to how much you can expect to pay, here’s the ultimate guide to buying and installing a cantilever gate in commercial or residential property.

What are cantilever gates?

A cantilever gate is a type of sliding gate, which works on a ‘Cantilever’ system. This means the gate is held above the ground using gate posts for support, so that the gate itself never actually touches the ground. A Cantilever gate kit uses a system of gate rollers, tracks and carriages to safely enable access into and out of a property.

Where are cantilever gates best used?

Since Cantilever gates do not touch the ground, this makes them an ideal choice for uneven grounds such as gravel, grass, steep or angles surfaces etc. It also means they are easier to use in adverse weather conditions such as snow or ice.

What size cantilever gate do I need?

Cantilever gates are extremely flexible, catering for a range of different sizes and landscape needs. To calculate the required length of your cantilever gate, we recommend that you use Rolling Center’s popular Cantilever gate calculator.

Cantilever gate system

What are the main types of cantilever gate hardware?

Cantilever gate kits contain everything you need to automate your gate. A Cantilever sliding gate kit should include the following:

Cantilever Meeting Point

A Cantilever meeting point (also known as a limit stop) is part of the Cantilever gate structure that holds the system together. They come in a range of sizes for most gate requirements.

Cantilever Tracks

Your Cantilever gate system will use a tubular gate track, which is fitted at the bottom of the gate, in order for the cantilever carriages to slide effectively.

Cantilever Gate Carriages

Cantilever gate carriages (also known as gate rollers) usually have 6 to 8 wheels. Two units are usually required for each gate for it to function effectively.

How much does a Cantilever gate cost?

The price of your Cantilever gate kit depends on the length and weight of your gate. Smaller cantilever gate kits (known as mini gate kits) start from around £220, whereas medium sized gates cost around £400 - £500. For larger gates, the cost for a Cantilever gate kit is usually between £800 - £1,000.

Are Cantilever gates safe?

If fitted properly, cantilever gates are an incredibly safe option. Not only are they durable and heavy - meaning they can’t be lifted and are harder to damage - but they also don’t have a clear opening point, which can help to put off would-be burglars.

Where can I buy a cantilever gate hardware?

Rolling Center are the original manufacturers of Cantilever gate products - with over 17 years experience as a trusted cantilever gate hardware specialist. Browse Rolling Center’s best range of Cantilever gate hardware and get free technical support today.

28 April 2021