Everything You Need To Know About Videx GSM Intercoms

Browse the most frequently asked questions on Videx GSM Intercoms in this useful guide.

Everything You Need To Know About Videx GSM Intercoms

Got a question about a Videx GSM intercom? Want to know if it’s the right option for you? Our expert technical team at Rolling Center have created this useful guide based on the most commonly asked questions around the Videx GSM range. Browse the top questions below or submit your own to the team at the end.

Videx GSM Intercom Guide: Most Commonly Asked Questions

Here's what you need to know when buying a Videx GSM.

How do I open my gate or door using the videx GSM?

There are multiple options for this.

Via a fob
- Videx GSM intercoms come with built in proximity readers - meaning fobs can be used to open your gate or door.

Via phone
- You can phone the SIM card number programmed to the intercom and press 3 to open.

Via the app
- The Videx GSM wizard app can be used to phone or text to the intercom to open.

Via a keypad
- those with the access code can enter via the keypad built into the intercom.

Is there a specific network provider for the videx GSM intercom?

No, the majority of network providers will work seamlessly with the Videx GSM, apart from 3 network.

One thing to note however, is that if you opt for a pay as you go sim card, the balance check options are only available on O2 and Vodafone sim cards.

Is Videx GSM suitable for my installation?

As with all GSM intercoms, the key to getting a reliable intercom is signal strength.

There are two main factors to consider when determining if a Videx GSM intercom is suitable for your installation.

1 - is the network provider in your desired area, and what is the signal strength?

The handy Ofcom broadband and mobile checker app will give you a good idea of the signal strength in your area and if the network operates there.

2 - is the aerial suitable? To work efficiently, the aerial must be fit upright, with the cable fully extended.

Is the Videx GSM 4G?

The majority of Videx GSM intercoms are not 4G, but there are 4G options available if required. This would need to be specified to use at the time of purchase.

Can the intercom open my pedestrian gate as well as my main vehicle gate?

Yes, your Videx intercom system can be programmed to do this easily. This is done by programming the second relay to open a second gate. At Rolling Center, we can provide you with a wiring diagram to show you how to connect this all up quickly.

Is the Videx GSM hard to program?

No - one of the reasons we love the Videx GSM range at Rolling Center is its seamless setup and programming.

To keep things simple, Videx have developed a useful app - the Videx SMS Wizard Pro - to assist you with any programming.

This makes setting up intercoms easy and allows you to carry out basic changes remotely, such as changing the phone number or updating the pin codes for the keypad.

Our technical support team can also offer free phone support should you encounter any difficulties.

Can I stop people pressing the intercom button at unsociable hours?

The good news? Absolutely! Using the GSM wizard app you can select a call time band which allows calls to be disabled or diverted to a master number outside of this time. No risk to your beauty sleep here!

What happens when I don't answer my gate?

The videx GSM can have up to 5 phone numbers on the call list. This means that when someone calls, it starts with the primary number first and if not answered it will divert to the next number, and so on.

We hope you found this guide useful. If you have a question about Videx intercoms or just want some advice on the best intercom system for your residential or commercial property, then contact us below:

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13 October 2021