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Locinox Interio built in hydraulic gate closer

Product Code: INTERIO

The Locinox Interio is a hydraulic gate closer that is built in invisibly to the gate profile ensuring a vandal-proof use.

  • Matching top and bottom hinge sets
  • 100% mechanical (no electronic components)
  • Allows for a 180 degrees opening angle of the gate
  • Suitable for gates up to 150 kilo / 330 lbs and gate width up to 1,5m / 3.937 ft
  • Suitable for left and right turning gates
  • Maintenance free (no greasing nor oil refill)
  • 3 year warranty

You will require either a: INTERIO WALL or INTERIO GROUND to mount this product.

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  • Optional hinge sets for ground and wall installation available
  • Closing speed of the gate can be adjusted by simply adjusting a valve with an Allen key
  • Final snap (free run) on the gate closer is available to ensure the latching of the gate or can be eliminated completely in order to have a silent closing (i.e. in combination with magnetic locks)
  • When opened 180 degrees, the gate closer will self-close over the 180 degrees.
  • Hydraulic dampening mechanism
  • Double rubber sealings to avoid oil leakage at all times
  • Rotary seals (vs. linear) seals to ensure the longevity of the closer.


  • A pre-tension shall be integrated in the gate closer ensuring an efficient installation.
  • The closer shall have pre-mounted fasteners (no welding) with stainless steel bolts
  • All brackets for fixation should come with the product
  • The same gate closer shall be able to be used for both left and right turning gates
  • Depending of the installation, the gate closer shall require a gate stop to be used for limiting the opening angle
  • A 3D-installation explanatory video shall be available for assisting the installer
  • Drilling templates shall be included for assisting the installer


  • The mechanism shall be made out stainless steel and aluminum components
  • The housing of the mechanism shall be made from extruded, powder coated aluminum (no wet painting or anodization). The powder coating shall be according to the Qualicoat standards
  • The gate closer shall have a corrosion resistance of 500h salt spray according to ISO9227
  • The gate closer shall be fully weather- and dustproof
  • The gate closer shall have a UV-resistance against discoloration of 500h

You will require either a: INTERIO WALL or INTERIO GROUND to mount this product.


This kit contains: