Meet the Expert: Charlotte Briggs, Product Specialist

February is here and we’re getting the month off to a great start with our latest ‘Meet the expert’ post, featuring the talented Charlotte Briggs, Product Specialist.

Meet the Expert: Charlotte Briggs, Product Specialist

With a previous background in retail, Charlotte started her career in customer services as a sales administrator, before progressing into retail systems management where she undertook pricing analysis, marketing and standards compliance.

Charlotte’s been with Rolling Center since October 2019, and plays a key role in our commercial team. She’s our expert in everything product - and you’ll find her at her best assisting customers with enquiries and orders, supporting the sales team, and undertaking product research and market trends analysis to inform sales and marketing activity.

A typical day for me is pretty varied and diverse, which is why I enjoy it so much! Periodically, I will check for any stock shortfalls to make sure we have availability of our key lines for our customers,” says Charlotte. “I also undertake various commercial tasks such as raising purchase orders, creating new products on our system, and calculating the pricing for our customers. I also get involved with stock counts and managing any return queries from customers or suppliers.”

One of the areas Charlotte says she particularly enjoys is “working closely with marketing on any upcoming campaigns, organising customer and supplier open days, and being able to share my product knowledge to help our customers find what they need.”

Get to know Charlotte a little better in our ‘quick fire’ Q&A…

What do you enjoy most about working at Rolling Center?

“The team is fun and dynamic, and there is a great office atmosphere!”

What’s your favourite product at Rolling Center?

Gloeck tension rod. It’s a great staple piece for a cantilever kit, but nobody can pronounce the name correctly (including some of us!)”

Why do customers choose Rolling Center?

“We like to think we have an impact because of our customer service and technical knowledge/support. We provide what our customers’ need in a flexible way, as we’re a one stop shop supplying multiple brands across gate automation, gate hardware, safety and access control.”

What’s been your career highlight to date at Rolling Center / what are you most proud of?

“Visiting our parent company Rolling Center SPA in Italy in January 2020 (pre-Covid!) It was a fantastic experience to see the products being manufactured. I’m most proud of our extensive knowledge of the products and the sheer breadth in the range we supply.”

What trends are influencing your industry at the moment?

Gate safety and compliance is huge right now. The new BEA lasers within the last year have seen a big spike in interest. That, coupled with the fact that people are calling out brands where gate safety is not applied correctly - the repercussions of not using gate safety are bigger than ever, and I think there should be more awareness of this in the industry overall.”

What are Rolling Center’s most popular products (and why?)

“We always have lots of interest in our Cantilever products, such as the Medium 600kg weight loading kit. This is a staple item and very popular. The quality is exceptional and we offer more ranges with other sizes such as 900kg and 2200kg weight loading in stock.”

What tips would you give to someone considering automating their current gates for the first time?

There are so many variables when automating gates,” says Charlotte. “That’s why our trade customers value our technical team for their knowledge and support. We’re always on hand to help you choose what kit is best suited for your customer’s needs.

Here are Charlotte’s top tips and things to consider:

  • Get a professional and experienced installer out to survey the site first

  • If you are an installer, ensure you’ve fully assessed the surroundings, established the size and weight of the gate, and explored if there will be a substantial amount of manoeuvres in an hour

  • Can they get the mains feed power to the gate, is the terrain suitable?

  • If using an underground kit, have you taken into account a soak-away for any water egress?

  • What material is your gate made from? This could affect the weight, and if fully boarded, it could have a lot of wind resistance.

  • If using a sliding gate, do you have the space for it to slide back and fully open?

Just for fun:

Where did you grow up? Rothwell in Leeds

What job did you imagine yourself doing when you were a child? A teacher.

Which three words do you think people would use to describe you? Thoughtful, knowledgeable, sarcastic…

Top 3 all time fave films? Marvel End Game, Godfather, Harry Potter

Who is your favourite actor/actress and why? Heath Ledger - amazing actor in such a variety of roles, outstanding in Joker

Favourite animal? Dog, I have a Jack Russell!

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

Caribbean - The Bahamas, anywhere as long as it's hot with no rain!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Socialising with friends, I'm a big Leeds Rhinos fan, and I’m currently renovating my house which is keeping me busy.

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03 February 2022