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Daitem SC100AU wireless multi function handset

Product Code: SC100AU

This is a user friendly, easy to use wireless audio handset for indoor use with LCD screen which provides the user with simple to understand instruction and notifications. It is compatible with all types of automatic systems including electric locks, gates and barriers, garage doors and lighting.

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£146.40 inc VAT


Hands-free or hand-held operation control button: for electrical latches or locks (12 V / 1.5 A max), operational whether handset is communicating or not.

Portable: The handset can be easily carried around the house using the belt clip fitted

Long battery life: can maintain full operation for up to 15 days

Clearly labelled control buttons:

Control button for automatic gate: can be manually activated by a dry contact, operational whether handset is communicating or not.

Control button for automatic garage door: with associated receiver.

Control button for external lighting: with associated receiver.

Rechargeable mains powered base.

Long range:Up to 400 metres.

Can connect up to 4 handsets:within the same building to the intercom.

Long battery life:Once charged it will last up to 15 days.


Technical Data:

Power supply: handset unit lithium-ion / base 230 V power pack

Weight of handset with base: 450g

Operating temperature: - 5 to + 55 C degrees