Esvkc 1 S

Videx ESVKC-1S/6286 one station 2 wire surface mounted colour video kit with keypad

Product Code: ESVKC-1S/6286

Surface mount video intercom with keypad

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This two wire bus colour video intercom with keypad is installer friendly thanks to the common 2 wire bus using two non- polarity wires. The ESVKC-1S/6286 video kit is are ideal for residential properties and can be expanded up to 8 entrances if additional 2301N multiple entrance switchers are used.

The kit features an integrated high quality day/ night colour camera with 4 illumination LED'S and auto iris lens as well as an external camera input, call progress LED'S ( busy, call, speak and door open), privacy feature, built in lock relay with capacitor, discharge output option, camera recall function, microphone, speaker and balance adjustments and an intercommunication facility between videophones in different apartments or between videophone extensions within the same apartment.
Key features:

  • High quality day/night colour camera with 4 illumination LED'S and 13° camera tilt adjustment.
  • Coded Access 
  • DDA compliant call progress LED'S and reassurance tones
  • Selective camera recall facility and external camera input
  • PTE input and lock release, relay or capacitor discharge output
  • Adjustable microphone, speaker and balance controls
  • Expandable up to 8 entrances ( two 2301N entrance switchers required)

This kit contains: