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Videx GSM4K-5S five station GSM intercom without keypad

Product Code: GSM4K-5S

This is a simple to install GSM 5 button intercom that is suitable for five residential or commercial properties with one entrance. The intercom has 5 call buttons on one entrance panel.

Using mobile phone technology, a call will be made to the occupants phone, removing the need to be in the house to answer the door or gate.

It is possible to open your gate while you are not at home.

This intercom allows 2 way communication between occupants and the caller.

Available with or without a keypad.

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Intercom for one entrance: simple intercom that is for five users.

Two way speech

Backlit name plate

Sim Card: sim card is required for set up for call through to the occupants phone.

Calls up to to 5 devices:if the phone call isn't answered, the next number is called.

Easy programming: easily done by SMS or dialing into the panel using a telephone with a keypad.

Surface Mounted: intercom with a mirror stainless steel facia and gun metal surround.

Push to exit input (codelock version): the popular 4800 keypad with 3 relays, 2x exit button inputs and programmable (Through the keypad) with up to three 4-8 digit codes.

Multiple phone numbers: the intercom allows the calling of two telephone numbers per button.


  • Dimensions :400.40 x 135 x 44 (mm)
  • Speaker module:V-4810-1
  • Keypad module:V-4800
  • Power Input/Output:230Vac / 12Vdc 2A
  • Egress input:1
  • Programming:SMS/USB
  • Auxiliary Input:2
  • USB Type:Micro
  • Lock relays:3