4283 1Dc

Videx 4832-1D/C/W 1 dual call button, speaker & colour camera unit

Product Code: 4832-1D/C/W

4000 series module.

Dimensions: 103(W) x 120(H) x 30(D) mm

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4000 series combined speaker / camera modules are available for most Videx systems, from standard anagloue up to Vx2200 digital system. The speaker / camera modules themselves are available with either 0, 1 or 2 buttons buttons, and a futher 62 buttons may be added using 4842, 4843, 4844 and 4845 4000 series button modules. Speaker units and button modules are also available in doulbe buttons options (2 buttons sharing a name window).

All modules name windows are illuminated blue, and more intelligent modules such as the 4833 (VK4K Kits) and 4823 (Vx2200) contain 4 call status LED's alerting the user when the system is busy, a call is in progress, when to speak and when the door is open.

These 4000 Series modules are equippped with a colour day/night CCD camera with auto iris lens, complete with 6 infra-red LEDs for illumination. The camera has vertical and horizontal adjutment (10 degrees). The unit can be configured to work on systems with coax video signals or on systems using balanced video signals (non-coax) by setting video mode with the use of jumpers. Modules contain a heating element to prevent the lexan window misting.

All modules contain a speaker and fly lead with microphone which is easily fitted to a 4000 series frame. Modules attached to the housing frames using a simple but strong clip in system.

Speech levels may be adjusted using seperate adjustment for both the speaker and microphone.

The standard front plate is stainless steel (/S), modules are also available in anodized aluminium (/a) or high brass (/HB).


  • Contains speaker and fly lead microphone (microphone easily fits within a 4000 series frame)
  • Speech volume adjustment (both directions)
  • Up to 64 functional call buttons in total (4833 2 buttons max)
  • Available systems (4283 analogue video)(4283 VX2200)(4833 VK4K kits)
  • Blue illuminated name widnows
  • Stainless steel, aluminium or high brass front plate
  • Simple but strong clip in system
  • Colour CCD day / night camera
  • Infra-red LED illumination
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustment (10 degrees)


  • Power: 4283 (12Vdc)
  • Power: 4832(12Vdc & 20Vdc camera)
  • Power: 4833 (20Vdc)
  • Call reassurance: Yes
  • Buttons max: Up to 2 on speaker / camera unit
  • Buttons: Tactile microswitch
  • Call progress information: Yes LED's (4833 & 4283)
  • Systems: 4832 (analogue video), 4283 (Vx2200 systems), 4833 (VK4K kits)
  • Lock output : C & NO (4832), C, NO & NC (4283, 4833)