Toona5 Hskit2
Mc824 H
On2 E

Nice one leaf high-speed swing gate kit for gates up to 5m per leaf 24v (Toona 5 HS Kit 2)

Product Code: TOONA5HSKIT2

Ideal for Residential, Commercial and Industrial gates

Rapid manoeuvres: 90° opening in about 16* seconds.

Suitable for intensive use

Up to 95 cycles per hour

Silent motor

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Reliable: durability thanks to the housing, made up of two tough aluminium shells with polyester paint finish; more resistant to atmospheric agents.

Internal moving parts completely in steel, light alloys and technopolymers.

Silent: patented layout of internal parts and lead nut in bronze.

Generously sized and practical connection compartment: rapid and easy access from above to internal parts located in the upper section of the ram motor.

Simple installation and maintenance; with built-in capacitor.

Recommended control units: Mindy A6F, A60, A700F; for TO4024 Moonclever MC824H

24 Vdc version with magnetic encoder.

Perfect for intensive use, compatible with the control unit Moonclever MC824H:

Simple programming, by means of a single key;

Self-learning of opening and closing limit positions;

Automatic fault diagnostics;

Programming of pause time;

Pedestrian pass door;

Deceleration on opening and closing;<

Obstacle detection with dual technology;

Operation in event of power failure by means of optional rechargeable batteries (PS324);

Provision for connection of latest generation resistive sensitive edges.

This kit contains:

  • MAX GATE LEAF 5M - 0.016 M/S
  • 1 x TO5024HS 24V Above Ground Ram Motors
  • 1 x MC824H 24V Control Panel
  • 2 x ON2E Channel Transmitters
  • 1 x OXI 4 Channel Receiver
  • 1 x Pair of EPMB Photocells