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Nice Home Filo400 Sliding gate kit - up to 5.5m/400kg

Product Code: FILO400

Nice Home DIY electric gate kit for sliding gates with a maximum weight of up to 400kg and a maximum length of 5.5m

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DIY electric gate kit to automate one sliding gate for residential use, maximum weight 400 kg, maximum length 5.5 m. Compatible with SOLEKIT solar power system. INCLUDING 4m RACK IN 0.5m SECTIONS

This kit contains:

  • 1 X Filo 400C motor with built-in electronics
  • 2 X Ecco 5 radio remote controls
  • 1 X PH200 pair of ECSBus positionable photocells
  • 1 X FL200 positionable LED light with built-in aerial
  • 1 X CR502 Steel reinforced ratchet for greater rigidity (8 x 0.50 m pieces for a max. 4 m